SCHOOL CLIMATE SURVEY (March 8th-10th)


 As a continued effort to provide the best possible learning environment, Indian Trail Intermediate School will participate in a school climate survey developed by the Tennessee Department of Education. School Climate refers to aspects of the school environment that make students feel academically challenged, physically and emotionally safe, and valued and connected to their school settings. Positive school climate depends on the contributions of all members of the school community, including students, parents, school staff and school leaders, to create a safe and supportive environment where every child can succeed. We are asking that parents, students, and teachers participate in this survey. The data from this survey will be vital in determining the next steps for continued school improvement.

Please follow this link to complete our survey. Estimated survey time is 15 minutes:


Please click on the links below to access student Survey Questions:

Middle School Student Survey


A new master schedule was created for this school year. Students will still have their core classes: English Language Arts, Math, Science/Social Studies.

Students will now have two related arts per day. Performing arts students will have class every day. No more A/B day.


There now are two outside activity times at ITIS per day. Team time, a 25-minute activity time, remains the same.

This year we are adding HAWKS time, which is an additional 20-minute block of time for students to go outside. HAWKS is an acronym for Healthy Activities Where Kids Smile.

HAWKS time will be four days a week. On the fifth day, teachers will be holding team meetings and class meetings. Our goal is to build community and relationships, resolve conflict, create organization and structure as well as recognize outstanding student behavior.


Parent communication is an area we want to improve this year. Our teachers are committed to improving consistency from hallway to hallway in the types of communications we utilize. Our leadership team addressed those challenges by creating the following guidelines for our school:

  • Weekly emails from the team to parents
  • Teachers will enter student grades in PowerSchool weekly
  • Wednesday folders will be used for sending information home to parents
  • Trackers will be emphasized and utilized this school year