Welcome to North Side Elementary 

Upcoming Events:  

  • May 2nd Saturday : GOTR Race 9:00 @ South Side
  • May 3rd Sunday : Christian Church William's Syndrome Walk @ 3:00
  • May 5th Tuesday : Field Trip: 4th Grade - Doe River Gorge
  • May 5th-7th : 3rd Grade Online Social Studies Testing
  • May 8th Friday : Developmental Pre-K Program 11:30 in the Little Theater
  • May 12th-14th : 4th Grade Online Social Studies Testing
  • May 12th Tuesday : 1st and 2nd Grade Music/PTA program @ 6:00
  • May 13th Wednesday : Preschool Registration
  • May 13th Wednesday : Community Noth Side Open House from 1:00-2:30
  • May 14th Thursday : Field Trip: 3rd Grade - Steeles Creek
  • May 15th Friday : ALL LIBRARY BOOKS DUE
  • May 15th Friday : Field Day
  • May 19th Tuesday : 4th Grade Wax Theater from 9:00-10:30
  • May 19th Tuesday : Field Trip: Kindergarten - Hands On
  • May 20th Wednesday : 4th Grade/SHHS Senior Tea @ 1:30
  • May 20th Wednesday : Field Trip: 2nd Grade - Wonder Works
  • May 21st Thursday : Field Trip: 4th Grade - Trout Release
  • May 21st Thursday : Kindergarten Program & Awards @ 9:30
  • May 22nd Friday : Field Trip: 3rd Grade - Art/Masterpieces
  • May 22nd Friday : Field Trip: Kindergarten - Reel to Reel
  • May 22nd Friday : Pearson Pre-K Program @ 11:30
  • May 25th Monday : No School
  • May 26th Tuesday : Awards Day:
    8:30 - 1st Grade
    9:30 - 2nd Grade
    10:30 - 3rd Grade
    11:30 - 4th Grade
  • May 27th Wednesday : PTA May Day
  • May 28th Thursday : Last Day - Student Half Day : Dismiss @ 11:30

  • Mission Statement

    Through a strong focus on math, science, and technology, North Side Elementary will provide an educational program which supports students' abilities to perform at or above grade level and to become productive members of society.

    Arrivals / Dismissals

    Doors will open at 7:45am. Students will report to the cafeteria for breakfast until 8:10am. Classrooms will open for students at 8:00am. An Educare program is available for students who must arrive early or stay late. Students who are riding to school should be dropped off and picked up in the car line, using the sidewalk, with supervision at the cover walkway, located on the Eighth Avenue side of the building. Drop offs after 8:15 need to go to the main office and parents will need to signin students. Busses are the only vehicles to drop off students at the front of the school from 7:45 to 8:15. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the front of the building.

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