Below is a quick setup configuration for most smartphone  / iPad devices to have Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) email delivered to your personal device.

NOTE: If you have a Microsoft account already, you must delete the account completely, reboot the device, then start at step one below.

Johnson City Schools will not support your personal device other than from this document. Johnson City Schools will not be responsible for any data charges you may incur nor will we be responsible for loss of email or other information due to improper setup.

When your password changes, you must change it on your personal device as well to continue to receive your email on your personal device.

  1. Go to Settings, then Add Account. 
  2. Add Microsoft Exchange Account.
  3. Enter your school email address (username @
  4. Enter your windows password.

For Blackberry Users: You may follow the link below to download software on your desktop and install it to have mail forwarded from Outlook to your Blackberry device.