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Online Courses at SHHS

Science Hill High School is excited to offer three online courses in this fall semester. Wellness is a one credit course, and Personal Finance (1/2 credit) and Personal Fitness (1/2 credit) are taken one per nine weeks to total one credit when completed.  Online courses are taken in addition to the four classes that are already in a student schedule for fall.  Students who are interested should see a counselor for the enrollment form.  Course enrollment closes on Monday, August 14. 

Not sure why you would take an online course?  One reason to consider an online course is that it will complete a required course and allow you more opportunities to take electives or advanced coursework during the traditional school day.   Not sure if an online course is right for you?  Students who are most successful in online courses are self-disciplined, able to seek support from the teacher when needed, and comfortable using various technologies.  Still have more questions?  See your counselor or one of the teachers of the online courses—Mrs. Cutlip, Mr. Vanthournout, and Mr. Moore.