Carol McGill, Principal
Kaytee Jones, Asst. Principal

School Hours
8:15 am - 3:15 pm
Half Days
8:15 am - 11:30 am
Office Hours
7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Mission Statement

The mission of Fairmont Elementary is to provide an academically engaging education in which students are able to demonstrate excellence in core curriculum subjects as measured by local, state and national standards, as well as health, citizenship and social responsibility.

Vision Statement

The vision of Fairmont Elementary is to enable all students to learn and be successful while meeting high expectations.  This is accomplished by providing the students with the resources to be happy, healthy, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.

Useful Links

  • Is written and presented to parents in language that is easily understood.
  • Is easily accessed and updated as parental and school needs change.
  • Recognizes varied schedules and offers flexible meeting times.
  • Involves parents in the planning and improvement process in a way that is organized, frequent, and timely.
  • Provides a description and explanation of the current school curriculum, assessments used, grade level expectations, and how student progress is monitored in language that parents understand.
  • Permits parents to submit dissatisfaction, offer suggestions, request activities, and participate as appropriate, in the educational decision-making process.
  • Supplies training and materials to parents in literacy and technology to improve student achievement.
  • Instructs staff on ways to communicate, work, and build relationships with parents.
  • Combines parent involvement strategies to create partnerships with local government funded educational programs.
  • Provides activities and opportunities for parents with disabilities, limited English proficiency, and parents of migrant children.
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