Other Scholarships

  • Scholarships Traditionally Available in Counseling Office

    The following scholarships are available online at various times during the year. Watch for announcements regarding availability and deadlines. Go to room 527 for more information on how to apply or see your counselor.

    Army ROTC – Tuition and Stipends available for specific college programs. Commitment to Army required.
  • Belk Scholarship - Davidson College-Tuition, Books, Room and Board +
  • Bryan Scholarship - Davidson College-$30,000 top scholar athlete
  • Cancer Outreach Foundation Hope Scholarship - $1000 to student cancer survivor
  • Danforth Scholars-Washington University St. Louis - Four Full Tuition renewable plus partial scholarships available. Nominated by counselor.
  • Elk’s Most Valuable - 20 Finalists selected for 2-$50,000, 2-40,000, 2-30,000 awards and 14-$20,000-application available after Nov. 1st.
  • Emory Scholars - Emory University-Full tuition, fees, on campus room and board. Counselor nominated.
  • Horatio Alger Scholarship - Up to $25,000 for student who has overcome adversity. Application available August 1st-October 15th.
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships - Up to $40,000-need based-Apply February-April.
  • Jefferson Scholarship - University of Virginia-Covers Cost of Attendance at UVA over all four years of undergraduate.
  • Kohl’s Cares Scholarship - Up to $9,000 for students with outstanding community service.
    Levine Scholars at UNC-Charlotte-Full tuition, room, board, and fees. Must be nominated by counselor.
  • Manufactured Housing - Stan and Thelma Plumlee-Up to $8,000 for student who lives in Manufactured Housing (mobile home, modular home,i.e.) or whose parent works in Manufactured Housing. Must be Tennessee Resident and attend Tennessee institution.
  • Navy ROTC Scholarships - Tuition and Stipends available for specific college NROTC Programs. Naval commitment.
  • Park Scholarship - North Carolina State University-Four year tuition, room and board and all expenses.
  • Quest Bridge National College Match - 27 Full tuition scholarships at selected colleges and universities. Need based.
  • Regions Riding Forward Essay Scholarship - $5000 award for winner of essay contest.
  • Regions Shepherd Scholarship Foundation - Tennessee students from top 10% of class.
  • Suntrust Bank - Lottery type. Students apply online for $200 scholarship to be used anywhere in the United States.
  • Tennessee Concrete Association Essay Contest - Industry Management degree at Middle Tennessee State University

The following scholarships require a nomination or an application found in the counseling office. Students should contact counselors for information:

  • Balanced Man Scholarships - Up to $1500 at ETSU/UTK, TnTech, UT Martin
  • Believing in Home Ownership Scholarship-Bristol, VA, Realtors offer $500 for essay about owning your own home.
  • Niswonger Foundation Scholarship - Valued at up to #30,000 and available at many colleges. Stiplulations and contract to be signed by nominees.
  • Roan Scholars at East Tennessee State University - Full tuition, room, board, books and other perks. Must be nominated by Science Hill High School.
  • United Southeast Federal Credit Union Scholarship Program - Four $500 scholarship available to United Southeast Federal Credit Union Members.