New Enrollments and Withdrawal Procedure

The following is required for Enrolling a student in any Johnson City School.

  • Withdrawal slip from previously attended school
  • Record of Immunizations (Out-of-state students must have a Tennessee Certificate of Immunization which can be obtained from Washington County Health Department before enrolling.)
  • A report card for the present year and / or a transcript of all work from previous school that includes recent achievement test scores.
  • Proof of residence inside the Johnson City limits.
  • Birth Certificate.

The following is required for Withdrawing a student from any Johnson City School.

  • Any parent planning to withdraw their student from a Johnson City School for any reason should report to the office for correct withdrawal procedure.
  • Students are expected to meet all obligations (Return all books, uniforms, materials, as well as, payment of fees, and / or fines) before withdrawal.