Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Science Hill High School, students must meet the graduation course requirements established for the year they first entered the 9th grade. Students should plan to exceed these requirements to prepare adequately for post-secondary success.

Please note that on the block schedule, students have 32 opportunities in four years to earn the required 28 credits for graduation. Students and parents are strongly urged to work closely with the student’s counselor to ensure requirements for graduation are being met. Only students who have completed all requirements for graduation will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Students need 28 credits to graduate with a Science Hill diploma.  State of Tennessee designates 22 of those credits which leave students 6 credits to take as electives. Any student who attends a Tennessee Public High School their junior year is required to take the ACT to graduate and receive a regular high school diploma. Students must have satisfactory record of attendance and discipline.  All students must also take a United States Civics Test and complete a project-based civics assessment administered in the Government course to graduate and receive a regular high school diploma.

  • ENGLISH - 4 Credits
    • English 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • MATH - 4 Credits
    • Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and a fourth higher level math course above Algebra 1
    • Students must be enrolled in a math every year.
    • Math credits earned prior to entering ninth grade may meet specific diploma requirements but four additional math credits must be earned while in high school and students must be enrolled in a math every year.
  • SCIENCE - 3 Credits
    • Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and a third science lab course
  • SOCIAL STUDIES - 3 Credits
    • World History & Geography, US History & Geography, US Government & Civics, Economics
  • WELLNESS - 1 Credit
  • PERSONAL FITNESS - 0.5 Credits
  • PERSONAL FINANCE - 0.5 Credits
  • WORLD LANGUAGE - 2 Credits
    • Two credits must be the same language
  • FINE ART - 1 Credit
  • ELECTIVE FOCUS - 3 Credits
    • Includes three credits in any one of the following: Math & Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, Career and Technical Education program, JROTC, Advanced Placement / Dual Enrollment
  • OTHER ELECTIVES - 6 Credits

Other information:

  • 40 Hours of Community Service Required
  • Total credits required by TN: 22       
  • Total credits required by Science Hill High School: 28

Allowable Substitutions:

  • Two credits of JROTC may substitute for one credit of Wellness and 0.5 credit of Personal Fitness. One additional credit of JROTC may substitute for the 0.5 credit of Personal Finance and 0.5 credit of Government.
  • Beginning with SY 2019-2020, the 0.5 credit Personal Fitness requirement may be met by substituting a documented and equivalent time of physical activity in SHHS Marching Band, any TSSAA activity or sport, Unity, or Swim & Dive Team. 
  • AP Seminar taken in 11th grade and AP Research taken in 12th grade may substitute for English 4.