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May 2020 Newsletter


Dear Mountain View Students and Families,

During the 4th nine weeks, we normally finish testing, have end-of-year field trips, have Fun Day, and celebrate all of our students’ success.  Unfortunately, we did not get to finish the school year our normal way, but that does not take away from the value of everything accomplished before the 4th nine weeks.  We want to let you know how proud we are of our Mustangs!

Mountain View Mustangs have shown their tenacity and spirit throughout the school year and during school closure.  Although this is not the sendoff we imagined, the amount of love and pride we have for you is the same.  We have no doubt that you will continue to rise to every occasion and surpass every obstacle you may face.

Information for students and families:

  • ·Check Johnson City Schools’ (JCS) website ( throughout the summer for updated information and district announcements.
  • ·During summer break, food distribution will continue for children in our zone at the mobile sites. Schedules will be posted on the JCS’ website, Facebook page, and Twitter page. You can also follow Mountain View on Twitter (@MountainViewJCS).
  • ·We do not have a yearbook for this year. If you have already paid for a yearbook, the PTA will issue you a refund.
  • ·The PTA’s Spring Fundraiser (Read-A-Thon) has been cancelled. If you have collected money for the fundraiser, return the money to the customer.
  • ·Class pictures will be delivered from the photographer to Mountain View. If you pre-ordered a class picture, you will be contacted when the pictures arrive.

Have a great summer, keep reading, and remember WE LOVE YOU!

Go Mustangs!




President—Jessica Lange

Vice President—Rebecca Meek

Secretary—Josh Lange

Treasurer—Kelly Henderson

Faculty Representative—Lauren Lawhon

PTA Newsletter—Brenda Townsend

A very special THANK YOU to all of our PTA Board members for their hard work during this school year.  Thanks to all parents and staff for supporting our PTA as well!




I hope that each of you is staying healthy. Another way to stay healthy is to keep “creating movement” each day. Are you having fun with the movement activities on my “Creative Movement and Dance” web page that can be found along with your other Related-Arts teachers web pages?  Here are a couple of new ones that your parents can help you with: (Has fitness and physical educational resources) (Has numerous lists of physical educational and physical activity resources, for different age groups. Primary physical educational resources, for example, are: “Hy-Vee Kids Fit” theme-based day of the week physical movement videos.)

To my talented Ballet Ensemble graduates, I sent your graduation pins, in your end-of-year packets, through your homeroom teachers. Wear them with great pride! You certainly deserve them for all your devoted hard work and concentration. You are so talented, and we had such a fun time, too! Should you continue your ballet studies, please let me know how your lessons are progressing.

To all my fourth grade students, I want you to know it has been such an honor to teach each one of you…most of you, for many, many years. I want to wish each of you all life’s best, as you transition to your next school. Continue to work hard…that’s the key to success! Know that we are so proud of all your accomplishments, during your years at Mountain View Elementary…you will always be a “Mountain View Mustang!”


I am SO missing my friends at Mountain View! Even though we cannot be together, I hope you can find time to keep making art! Here are some things you can do…

For a simple salt dough recipe mix together ½ cup of flour, ¼ cup of salt, and ¼ cup of water. You can make a mini sculpture like we do with clay!

Also, for drawing inspiration, always check out ART HUB for KIDS. There are TONS of videos on YouTube.

Have a wonderful summer friends!!


Making friends is not easy for all children. Those that know how to share, take turns, and express their feelings and wants appropriately are more successful than those without these basic skills. Join me in helping your child develop these friendship-making skills:

  • · Teach your children to be polite; to say thank you and please
  • · Teach them to listen to others rather than interrupt
  • · Role-play how to join in a game. Pretend you are part of a group of kids playing and show your child how to join in by saying, “What are you playing? How do I join the game?” rather than, “Can I play with you?” which can result in a, “no” reply.
  • · Some kids might call your child names, hit your child, and or be pushy with your child. Don’t convey to your children that they are being bullied.  Rather, explain to them that there are children who have not learned how to behave with other kids. Role-play things to say and how to say them, so your child will feel empowered, rather than feel like a victim. (see below)
  • · Role-play the power of “I” statements spoken loudly and firmly. “I do not like it when you hit. Stop it now.” “I will share the blocks and give you a turn soon but you will have to wait.” Also, role play how to get adult help if the other child will not listen.

      Families if you need to contact me during the summer, please feel free to email me or give me a call.  423.741.0574/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I have missed making music with everyone at school.  I hope you will check out these great websites and make music at home this summer!

New York Philharmonic Kidzone—

A fun, interactive website that has games, puzzles, information about composers and instruments, and much more!

San Francisco Symphony

A great website where kids learn about instruments, conduct a symphony, compose pieces, and listen to pieces

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

A website with fun, musical games and recordings of a wide variety of pieces.

Classics for

An amazing website that features a wide variety of activities for children. Learn about the month's featured composer, play games like "match the rhythm" and "composer time machine," explore instruments of the orchestra, and learn about the different musical periods

Creating Music—

A fun website where children can play pitch games, rhythm games, and learn about instruments

I want to thank you all for your participation in our Scholastic Book Fair in March! Our total sales was $7,875.04!!! That gave us $4,112.00 to spend on new books and materials for the Library! I just placed a huge order of brand new books and materials.  Ms. Lanesa will have those ready to go when we come back to school in August. There will be new book series including; Captain Underpants, Underdog Sports Stories, and Minecraft.  There are also new materials coming to the Makerspace; building sets, puzzles, and a Talking Globe!  I sure do miss reading with you all in the Library! I hope you will spend time this summer with the reading and Breakout games on your Mountain View Related Arts-Library web page at:  

To my wonderful Fourth Grade WMVE-TV News Crew of 2019/20. . .Thank you so much for doing such a great job this year!