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Johnson City Transit-School Division

Students must be supervised by an adult at the bus stop.  The bus driver will not allow kindergarten, first, and second grade students to exit the bus unless an adult is waiting at the bus stop to receive the student.  However, with parental approval, they can exit the bus with an older sibling.  If an adult is not at the bus stop, the bus driver will transport these students back to school.   Parents will be notified so they can pick their child up at school.  Riding privileges will be suspended if students are brought back to school, so don’t let this happen to you.  It is safe to be at the bus stop by 3:20 (5 minutes after regular elementary dismissal).  Buses will start leaving Mountain View around that time.

 Riding the school bus to and from school is a privilege that could be revoked by Johnson City Transit for poor behavior, parents not being at the bus stop, etc.  School buses and bus stops are an extension of the school day.  Students are expected to behave at bus stops and on the bus just as they would at school.  Johnson City buses are operated by Johnson City Transit and not by Johnson City Schools.  Report bus-related issues to Johnson City Transit (423-929-7119).


(doors open 5:45 pm)

No March PTA Meeting

April 2nd—Kindergarteners perform

May 7th—Evening of the Arts


President—Jessica Lange

Vice President—Rebecca Meek

Secretary—Josh Lange

Treasurer—Kelly Henderson

Faculty Representative—Lauren Lawhon

PTA Newsletter—Brenda Townsend


Students in upper grades are finishing up with their unit study of the sport of “tennis”. Students in lower grades are finishing up their study of “juggling” and its related skills and practice. Later this month, all grade levels will begin the study of “bowling”. These studies include learning the history, the proper equipment usage, and technique, as well as the skills and practice of these fun and educational sports.

Our Kindergarten students are preparing for their very first PTA performance, “Springtime”. It will be performed on Thursday, April 2, 2020.  Please join us for this precious program.

The Mountain View Elementary School Ballet Ensemble is also busy preparing for several upcoming performances. The fourth grade ballet students will be performing in Johnson City Schools’ “Rejoice in the Arts” Program at the Mall of Johnson City on Tuesday March 24, 2020.  The entire Ballet Ensemble, composed of both third and fourth grade students, will perform in the “Evening of the Arts” Program at Mountain View Elementary in early May. Please join us for these exciting fine and performing arts programs.


Throughout March, students will be exploring the difference between positive and negative space in art. Our older friends will begin to understand how to apply perspective within their artwork, making things appear closer or farther away. We will be looking at several different artists using space and perspective in their works of art.

It has been such a pleasure working with your children in the art room! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe spring break, and that you find some time to make some art!



A lack of impulse control is at the root of many behavior problems. Without appropriate intervention, impulsive behaviors can get worse over time. Here are a few techniques to use that can help your child learn impulse control:

*teach your child to label their feelings

*ask your child to repeat the direction you have given to them

*provide structure and be consistent

*encourage plenty of physical activity

*play impulse control games like Simon Says


  • ·March 2nd-6th-”All for Books” Week
  • ·March 2nd-Read Across America Day/Book Character Dress Up Day
  • ·March 3rd—Spring & Class Picture Day
  • ·March 9th-13th—Book Fair
  • ·March 10th—Family Reading Night (see details below)
  • ·March 16th-20th—Spring Break
  • ·March 23rd—Students return to school
  • ·March 24th—Rejoice in the Arts Program at the Mall of JC (MV performs at 6:00)
  • ·March 25th—Report cards go home


The month of March is dedicated to celebrating Music in Our Schools.  Music students in all grade levels will focus on the importance of music and how it can enhance our lives.  We will do several activities in music class that build composition skills, performance skills, and note reading skills.  We also will discuss how music has improved our education.  You too can celebrate Music in Our Schools Month by sharing with your child the musical experiences you had in school.  Let’s not forget the importance of music and how it richly empowers each child. 

 Composer of the Month

Our composer for the month of March is John Williams.  This composer is a modern composer who is still alive and composing music.  He is famous for writing music for movies such as “Star Wars”; “Home Alone”; “Superman”; “Indiana Jones”; and “Harry Potter”.  Ask your child to share what they have learned about John Williams!


It’s time for our Scholastic Book Fair Jungle!  The sale begins on Monday, March 9th at 8:00 AM and will be open until Friday, March 13th at 1:00 PM.  All students will have a chance to preview the fair on Friday, March 6th.  Please make sure your child knows how much money they have to spend when you send money to school with them.  Also explain tax to them so they will understand that each item is more than it says on the price tag.  On Tuesday, March 10th, we will have a “Wild About Reading” Family Night. You can shop at the fair from 4:30 until 5:45.  The Knoxville Zoo-Mobile will be here for a show at 6:00 with real live animals! Dinner will be served before the show.  You must RSVP when the form comes home so we will know how much food to order.  We hope everyone will come and purchase new books for your home library.  Remember, for each dollar you spend, we earn Scholastic Dollars to buy new books