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 October 2019 Newsletter

Mountain View has a bullying prevention program that educates teachers & staff, students, parents, and the community about behaviors related to bullying and implements measurable action plans for reducing bullying behaviors at school. Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.


Each school chooses a kid-friendly program name. The name of Mountain View’s program is P.E.A.C.E. At Mountain View, P.E.A.C.E. is all about


Our goal is awareness of the behaviors related to bullying. Each week, teachers and students meet about issues related to bullying. They discuss ways to build friendly relationships and the importance of positive behaviors.


Mountain View’s Anti-Bullying Rules are:

  1. We will not bully others.
  2. We will try to help students who are bullied.
  3. We will try to include students who are left out.
  4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.


It is important that we work together to prevent bullying. If your child reports a bullying incident to you, please contact your child’s teacher. Working together, we will improve our school’s climate and reduce bullying behaviors at school.


PTA MEETINGS—6:00 PM (doors open 5:45 pm)


October 17th—3rd graders perform

November 14th—4th graders perform

December 12th—2nd graders perform

February 6th—1st graders perform

April TBA—Kindergarten performs

May TBA—Evening of the Arts


PTA Executive Board 2019-2020

President – Jessica Lange

Vice President – Rebecca Meek

Secretary – Josh Lange

Treasurer – Kelly Henderson

Faculty Representative – Lauren Lawhon

PTA Newsletter – Brenda Townsend



Registration for the after-school Mountain View Ballet Ensemble ballet program will be open on Monday November 4, 2019. Students in the third and fourth grades who are interested in being in the after-school ballet program, may fill-out and return a registration form beginning that week. There is no cost for the instruction of the ballet classes and the ballet supplies. The ballet program does requires a year-long commitment, by both you and your child, and is explained in full detail in the informational letter and registration form. Please do not sign-up for this after-school program, unless you and your child, can meet and fulfill, all the requirements. Openings for this program are very limited, as second year ballet students have the opportunity to be enrolled first.


A couple of Creative Movement class reminders for your child’s weekly class in the gym:

  • ·Tennis shoes and socks are safety requirements for the weekly Creative Movement classes in our gym. Any other type of foot ware, such as sandals, boots, and slip-on shoes are very slippery and dangerous, not just for your child, but for the entire class.
  • ·Breakfast is FREE for all of our Mountain View students, and is available each morning. Your child needs a good, nutritional breakfast for a successful school day! Thank you, and Happy Fall!


This month, we will begin looking at Reflections contest criteria for the 2019-20 school year.


In the classroom, we will be working on some spooky art creations! We will also look at the different traditions and art stemming from the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Meurtos, and be introduced to our amazing featured artist, FRIDA KAHLO!!


Art club will also continue working on their first larger scale project. We are all so excited about what is happening in the art room!


As part of our anti-bullying initiative, Mountain View’s P.E.A.C.E. Program, we encourage all students to help our school be a peace-filled place through how they choose to treat each other. However, in the event someone chooses to be disrespectful to the point that we believe it is a bullying situation, we encourage students to report it and then we take action. We also like to equip students with “tools” they can use to help resolve the bullying problem on their own. In counseling classes, students will learn several different ways to deal with bullying as well as how they can help prevent bullying. Below is a brief list of some of these ideas and “tools”:            


*React in a non-emotional way by firmly stating that they would like for them to stop.

*Remain focused on the activity they were already engaged in.

*Agree with what the bully says (e.g. “Yes, I guess you could be right”).

*Laugh along or make a joke about what is being said.

*Change the subject as a distraction

*Make a conscious effort to stay away from the person who is bullying or teasing


All 3rd Grade students have prepared a musical program featuring songs from famous movies. Please note the details below.

3rd Grade PTA Program “Lights! Camera! Action!”

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Students arrive at 5:45 p.m. in the library

Perform at 6:00 p.m. in the Little Theater


All 4th grade students are preparing a musical program for Veterans Day. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this performance on Thursday, November 14th at 6:00 p.m. More details will be listed in next month’s newsletter.


Composer of the Month

Each month, 1st – 4th grade music classes study a composer. We are learning about the composer’s life, the music they wrote, and learning about the historical time period.   We have studied the following composers. Please ask your child to tell you about our composers.


August – Music of America: John Smith / Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner, September – George Frideric Handel, October – Johann Sebastian Bach


First Grade students are reading the Flat Stanley series of books this year.  If you’re not familiar with him you can go to for more information or ask a first grader. They have made their own Flat Stanley and mailed him to Alaska. Of course he packed some warm clothes.  Their Stanley arrived on August 30th and sent them photos.  He has been seen sitting on the “Anchorage Welcomes You” sign, riding a moose, and on the window of a seaplane!  Through Stanley’s adventures this year, the students will compare and contrast Alaska and Tennessee.  They will cover many Social Studies standards such as map skills and land forms.  Stanley is planning to take a road trip on a motorcycle later this month. It is a good thing he packed a helmet and leather jacket!


  • ·October 4th—Last Day of 1st 9 weeks
  • ·October 7th—11th—Fall Break
  • ·October 14th—Students return to school
  • ·October 14th-18th—Cookie Dough Pickup (3:00-6:30) in the gym
  • ·October 16th—Report Cards Go Home
  • ·October 17th—PTA meeting at 6:00 PM
  • ·October 18th-Wear Pink Day
  • ·October 28th—November 1st Red Ribbon Week
  • ·November 1—Cookie Dough fundraiser money due