Fairmont 4th-gradre Aylin Anguilar-Rodriguez read over 40 hours between April 10 - May 10. She is pictured with her teacher, Rob Martindale (left); Fairmont Principal Carol McGill; myON represenative Jessica Hernden; and Fairmont librarian Alison Davis.

myON rewards top e-readers from Johnson City Schools

Just because the school year is over, that doesn’t mean that Johnson City Schools’ students aren’t still turning pages. In fact, students across Johnson City Schools have been reading more and more since the end of state mandated testing, and hopes are they will continue their reading through the summer with the help of the myOn online library. 

Before school dismissed, a representative from myON rewarded a few select readers for their achievements by rewarding them with a Kindle Fire tablet.

myOn puts a library of Digital books in the hands of students and the application is used by many school districts across the state. For a period running from mid-April to mid-May, students in Johnson City Schools spent more time reading books in myON that any other school district in Tennessee, according to officials from myON. They were followed closely by Bartlett City Schools, a suburban school district near Memphis.

“We’ve been amazed that our students have been so engaged and motivated through their myON reading at the end of the school year,” said Carol McGill, principal of Fairmont Elementary School.  “It’s been a great strategy to keep the reaching and learning intensity going.”

Fairmont Elementary School led the district with more than 20,000 books read from April 10-May 10 on myON. 

Fairmont teacher Rob Martindale’s class even dubbed themselves the “myON Monsters” as they devoured books during the month.  It was no surprise that the top reader in the school and the district came from Martindale’s class.  Aylin Anguilar-Rodriguez, a 4th grader, read more than 40 hours during the month. Josiah Tarukwasha, a 3rd grader, read more than 39 hours, the second most at Fairmont.

“Fairmont has tenacious readers.  Give them a reading challenge and they take it seriously,” said Alison Davis, Fairmont’s library media specialist.  “Students eagerly awaited myON updates on the morning news.  The teachers were just as excited to see their class progress throughout the contest.”

Jessica Hernden, a myON representative, awarded Anguilar-Rodriguez with her own Kindle Fire and presented the school with a $100 gift card, which will be used to purchase more books and a pizza party for the school’s top 30 myON readers.

Four other schools had top readers who were recognized and awarded a Kindle Fire.

They were:  Supreet Akadkar (Towne Acres Elementary), Michael Crowe (Indian Trail Intermediate), Abram Day (Lake Ridge Elementary), and Jiayi Liu (South Side Elementary). 

“My students love to use myON for AR reading,” said Christy Kibelbek, 3rd grade teacher at Towne Acres.  “Supreet has a love for reading and he has grown so much as a reader this year using myON.”

Students across Johnson City will soon begin their third summer of having access to myON at home through the summer months.  School library media specialists and teachers encourage students to continue reading all during the summer.

“myON is so impactful because even when students have trouble completing other classroom assignments independently, myON enables them to work on their own and experience success,” said Maria LaBarbera, library media specialist at Lake Ridge Elementary.

Parents can ask their child or his or her teacher about how to access myON and continue reading during the summer months.


Abram Day

Lake Ridge's Abram Day


Southside's Jiayi Liu


Indian Trail's Michael Crowe


Towne Acres' Supreet Akdkar

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