Elective Focus Area

Students will complete an elective focus earning no less than three credits in any one of the following areas: Math & Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, Career and Technical Education program (CTE), JROTC, or Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment.

  • Students completing a CTE elective focus must complete three units in the same CTE program of study.
  • Math & Science includes courses in science and math that are above the graduation requirement.
  • Humanities includes any course in social studies, foreign language and English that is above the graduation requirement. It can be a combination of any of these courses.
  • Fine Arts is any course in fine art that is above the graduation requirement.
  • Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment includes any three AP/DE classes including those required for graduation. Students may count an AP/DE class towards both a graduation requirement and an area of focus requirement at the same times.
  • JRTOC includes three JROTC classes taken that do not already count for other substitutions. (2 credits can be substituted for Wellness requirement, 2 additional credits can count for PE/Finance requirement, 3 additional credits can count for focus)