Credit Recovery Policy

Students who fail one or more required courses must regain those lost credits in one of the following ways:

  • Repeating the course in the next school year
  • Taking an approved online course that represents the required curriculum for the SHHS course

Students who have attempted and failed a semester in a certain course(s) may be approved to earn credit through the Credit Recovery program. Administrative guidelines establish the process for earning credit through this program. On the student’s transcript, “CR” will be listed by the course name to indicate the course was completed through Credit Recovery. Students passing credit recovery courses will receive a grade of 70% beginning June 1, 2017.  NCAA does not recognize courses recovered through credit recovery.

Students who choose to repeat the course will be issued the grade earned in the repeated course. The original course will remain on the transcript but will be issued “NC” for non-credit and removed from the student’s cumulative GPA.