Dual Credit Courses

Opportunities exist for high achieving students to earn both college credit and high school credit while still in high school. Students that meet ACT and GPA requirements (which vary by college) may be eligible to enroll in college courses at a discounted tuition rate.

Students must see their counselor to obtain a dual enrollment packet. All the area colleges offer some type of dual enrollment classes, but the individual requirements will vary. The dual enrollment process will proceed as follows:

  • Packets are available in the registrar’s office
  • The student will return the completed packet to their counselor for approval. Deadline for approval of all Dual Enrollment course is May 1st (fall and spring classes)
  • The counselor will sign permission form. The student must request that their ACT score and transcript be sent to the college through Parchment.
  • Packet must be turned into the college admissions office and student must complete the dual enrollment grant information online.
  • Once the student is contacted by the university that they have been accepted, they will be able to register for the college class they choose.
  • Once the student has enrolled in the college class, they must print a copy of their college schedule and turn it in to their counselor. Deadline for fall enrollment May 20th, 2019, spring enrollment Dec 7, 2019
  • Failure to return concise schedule of college course registered for will result in the student being placed in an alternate class at Science Hill.

**Jumpstart English (NES) requirements are different, see your counselor for information.

High school credit will be awarded for the successful completion of work from an accredited college or university per the following:  3 hours of college credit shall equate to 1 high school credit. Less than 3 hours of college credit will equate to .5 high school credit.

Dual Enrollment (DE) Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student must have junior or senior standing in high school
  • NES: Students enrolling in general education courses or in courses requiring English or reading as prerequisites must have an ACT sub-score of 18 in English and 19 reading. Students enrolling in selected math courses must have a minimum ACT sub-score of 19. Students completing the SAT must have a SAT composite score of 920 with minimum scores of 460 in math and 460 verbal. For more information, click here.
  • ETSU: Students must have an ACT minimum composite score of 19 with no sub-score below 19 or equivalent SAT & a 3.0 cumulative GPA. For more information, click here.
  • See College website for more information about dual credit requirements – vary by college

Dual Enrollment Grant Program (Tennessee Lottery)

Students may be eligible for the Tennessee Lottery Dual Enrollment Grant. For eligibility requirements, rules, award amounts and application deadline go to https://www.tn.gov/collegepays/money-for-college/tn-education-lottery-programs/dual-enrollment-grant.html for more information.