Schedule Change Policy

A great deal of time is invested in preparing the master schedule. Course offerings are selected to meet student interest and state requirements.   Sometimes course requests exceed the number of sections possible, therefore, not everyone will receive the classes he/she chooses. Students must choose alternate classes. Alternate courses are considered first before placing students in non-requested courses. Please take your time and make wise choices while making your course requests.  You will be held to the decisions you make during the registration process. Students are expected to follow the schedule for classes which will be generated from the courses chosen during registration.  This includes class levels such as Honors or AP.  Make sure you meet the pre-requisite course work and the academic grade recommendations before choosing a higher level course.  Students may not request teachers.  Parents, now is your time to have input into what courses your child selects.

Course change requests for the entire school year will be accepted through the first 5 days of school only. All schedule change requests must be made in writing and submitted on the schedule change request form. Counselors will consider requests for schedule changes only for the following reasons:

  1. A student has failed the preceding class in the course sequence.
  2. A student does not meet the required pre-requisite or co-requisite.
  3. Summer school attendance results in a need for a new course request.
  4. A senior not registered for a required course for graduation.
  5. Does not have a class every period.
  6. An Administrator deems the move beneficial for balancing courses or for balancing student schedules.
  7. Student wishes to try a more challenging course in English, math, science or social studies.
  8. Teacher recommendation

The following are not acceptable for requesting a course change:

  1. Teacher preference.
  2. Fear of low grade or course difficulty (keep this in mind when registering for Honors/AP courses)
  3. Summer reading or packet not completed.
  4. Changed mind

Students who would like to change course requests will have until the last day of school to do so before summer break.  Students will need to meet with their counselor before they leave for summer break to make the changes to their requests. Students need to look at their course requests on their gradebook portal to make sure they were signed up for the correct classes. Once school breaks for summer, students will be held to their requests.