JROTC Department

Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

Mission “Motivating Young People to Be Better Citizens”

Leadership, Respect, Attitude!!! A Winning Tradition that is the cornerstone of our program.

Junior ROTC is designed to teach high school students the value of citizenship, leadership service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork and self-discipline.  On average, the total number of community service hours this program volunteers are over 2,000 - 3,000 hours.  In addition, these hours help our students earn college scholarships. The program prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as American citizens.  JROTC is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school, and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community and nation.  Simply stated, the program prepares our cadets for life after high school.

The JROTC program is not set up to recruit and instructors do not request or expect a military commitment of any kind. There is no service obligation. Nonetheless, many cadets find they enjoy military discipline and structure; it brings out their best and allows them to excel. Some students earn appointments to one of the military academies or earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant through college ROTC.

JROTC is much more than wearing a uniform and learning to march. Our program of instruction also includes:

  • Leadership Theory and Application
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Social and Community Responsibility
  • Financial Planning
  • Citizenship and History
  • Wellness, Fitness and First Aid
  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Geography
  • Land Navigation
  • Air Rifle Safety and Marksmanship
  • Career Planning

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Male & Female Drill Competitions
  • Color Guard
  • Drill and Staff Summer Camp
  • Washington DC Field Trips
  • Escorts and Charity Events
  • Parades
  • Academic Competitions
  • Community Service
  • Fitness Competitions
  • Formal Military Ball
  • Change of Command & Promotion Banquet
  • Awards Night
  • Annual Inspections
  • Marksmanship Matches

JROTC 1, 2, 3, 4

  • One Semester
  • 1 credit
  • Grade 9-12
  • The JROTC Curriculum satisfies many requirements for graduation, courses that must be taken at different times during a student’s time in high school. Two semesters of JROTC fulfills the Wellness and half credit of PE requirement. One additional credit of JROTC satisfies the graduation request for ½ credit personal finance and ½ credit for Government. JROTC also satisfies the Elective Focus requirement for graduation.

Citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and physical fitness are emphasized along with proper response to authority, and respect for the Army’s role in support of our country.  Topics include personal finance, map reading, marksmanship, drill and ceremonies, rappelling, and communication.  Students also compete in Cadet Challenge and the National Presidential Fitness Awards. All uniforms are provided, free-of-charge, and must be returned clean and in good condition at the end of the semester/year. Students are required to wear the uniform all day one day per week.