Science Hill ACT average surpasses record-breaking state average


Science Hill High School has once again finished above the record-breaking state average on the ACT exam, according to data released by the Tennessee Department of Education on Wednesday.

Johnson City was one of only eight districts across the state whose students averaged above a 22 composite score, as they finished with an average of 22.3 on the ACT. The state average of 20.2 broke the previous record of 20.1 from a year ago. Science Hill saw almost 80 more students take the test than the previous year, accounting for 97 percent of the school’s enrollment. Additionally 59.6 percent of the Science Hill students scored a 21 or better on the ACT, making them eligible for the HOPE scholarship.

"Science Hill High School continues to focus on ensuring that more of our students have the support necessary to meet the 21 necessary to demonstrate College and Career Readiness in Tennessee.  We are proud that our 22.3, though equal to last year’s average, reflects an all-time high of ACT test takers at Science Hill with more than 97% of our seniors participating,” said Supervisor of Secondary and Instructional Technology Dr. David Timbs. “We well-exceeded the state average for both participation and achievement.  The staff and leadership of SHHS began this year focused on expanding opportunities for more students to reach this level and seek post-secondary opportunities that will allow them to take advantage of TN Promise."

The Class of 2018 also performed well in regards to college readiness benchmark scores for designated college courses set by the ACT. A benchmark score is the minimum scored needed on an ACT subject-area test to indicate a 50 percent chance of obtaining a B or higher or approximately 75 percent chance of obtaining a C or higher in the corresponding credit-bearing college courses.

  • 69 percent scored an 18 or higher in English
  • 57 percent scored a 22 or higher in reading
  • 51 percent scored a 22 or higher in math
  • 49 percent scored a 23 or higher in science.

The TDOE uses students' best ACT scores—meaning that if a student took the ACT multiple times, the score included in today's results is his or her highest score. This data is different than the results reported nationally by ACT, which are based on the last score a student received.

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