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  • There is a new link under WSSS, Today's Read Aloud. Listen to Mrs. Jones read a fun story every day! 


  • All the Special Area Teachers (Library, Guidance, P.E., Art, Music, and Computer) now have websites that have interactive resources available for you.  You can find a link to them under the Quick Links section. 



We welcome you to South Side School!

We invite you to be a partner in creating and maintaining the best educational environment possible.

South Side Beliefs

  • Learning – All children can learn and deserve a learning environment in which they become owners of their learning.
  • Instruction – Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional strategies that support their learning style.
  • Assessment – Assessment is an integral part of learning and guides the school improvement process.
  • Decision Making – Decisions are made based on all available data in order to provide a meaningful education for all students, and one in which children learn how to think, to develop as responsible citizens, and to become lifelong learners.
  • Policy – School stakeholders, guided by the site-based council, follow all local policies as outlined in the school handbook and system policy manual.