Students scanning a QR Code for Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day brings excitement for technology, learning


Digital Learning Day has become an anticipated holiday of sorts for many Johnson City Schools students.

This year, the day had an added bonus as many of the activities revolved around the history of Johnson City as the community celebrates the Sesquicentennial.  

“It’s amazing to watch how creative our teachers and our schools are, not only celebrating Digital Learning Day, but also with celebrating the city’s sesquicentennial,” said Dr. David Timbs, Johnson City Schools Supervisor of Secondary and Instructional Technology. “At each school I visited, there was just a great level of excitement. While that enthusiasm comes from using technology, it actually revolves around learning; and as an educator that is really great to see.”

While each school had their own slate of activities, all students had an opportunity to use special posters that were created by Science Hill students. Scanning the posters brought them to life and took students to a passing train or even the Elvis concert in Freedom Hall in 1976.

At Lake Ridge Elementary, students used their five senses to explore Johnson City’s history. Students had the opportunity to feel the furs of native animals and then create their own animal. They also taste-tested Dr. Enuf and logged their results. Another fun activity required their noses, as they smelled native plants and used Quizlet to sharpen their knowledge of the plants. They even had the East Tennessee State University Bluegrass Band come out and perform so they could hear the music for themselves.

 “We wanted to make sure that technology is a tool that we have, but it is something that we pick up just like a pencil. Something that we put to daily use as needed,” Lake Ridge Principal Renee Wood said. “Pulling in the technology has almost become second nature to these students and that is what we want it to be.”

A number of the elementary schools took the opportunity to have their 3rd and 4th graders lead lessons with their kindergarten through second grade students. Fairmont Elementary had their students research important events during the city’s history and those were brought to life through different videos that were embedded into a digital timeline that were placed on a bulletin board.

Mountain View Elementary started their day with a school assembly entitled “The Tech is Right”, which was modeled after the “Price is Right” gameshow before they broke into smaller groups to use their tech skills.

South Side Elementary themed their day around “Where is Waldo?” and performed different tasks throughout the day to help unlock a code to lead them to Waldo. At the end of the day, they were finally able to find Waldo in the gymnasium.

For a full scope of the day, make sure to search #JCSDLD on Twitter.

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