Battle of the Books teams

Liberty Bell students enjoy debut in Battle of the Books  


Liberty Bell students had a successful debut in the Battle of the Books competition that was hosted at the Johnson City Public Library on Friday. The 8th grade Liberty Bell team won the contest as they battled with a Liberty Bell 7th grade team, as well as teams from Vance Middle School and Bluff City Middle School.

Battle of the Books is a reading quiz-bowl competition with the goal being to increase students’ reading for enjoyment and to help foster connections with their peers. For this year’s competition, students were given 12 books to read, although each competitor was only responsible for reading three of those books. The teams then faced off to see who could correctly answer the most questions about the books.

“We really liked the idea of competing with one another and other schools,” Liberty Bell Media Specialist Dr. Johnnie Sue Hawley said. “I think if you give students some type of motivation or incentive, that definitely helps them accomplish goals that they set.”

Liberty Bell 8th-grader Maia Hals said that she really enjoyed the competition.

“It’s really fun, because I normally have trouble finding books or series to read, so it gives me books to read and it helps me pay better attention to them,” Hals said.

Hals was a member of the 8th grade team that won, which included Breanna Potter, Eli Prytherch, Ike Glisson, Izzy Gardenhour, Mollie Kincer, Morgan Cary, Rachael Leersen and Shelby Hatton.

The students met once a week to discuss the books and their strategy. Hals, Leerseen and Hatton read all 12 books, as did 7th-grader Shane Nemier. He said that he also enjoyed the competition and hoped to compete with a new 8th grade team next year.

“I enjoy it and I recommend it to anyone,” Nemier said. “It’s a fun group that reads together and it gives you the chance to meet people that also enjoy reading.”

The 7th grade team included Neimer, Abby Slap, Julia Bartkus and Asher Olson. For more information about the Battle of the Books at Liberty Bell, contact Dr. Johnnie Sue Hawley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..