Indian Trail student Eliza Casey

Indian Trail student carving her own path in slime industry


You’re never too young to pursue your passions or even start your own business.

That was the message that Indian Trail 5th-grader Eliza Casey displayed for her classmates as they sat in the cafeteria before spring break making slime.

Eliza has become a bit of an expert in the slime industry since she started her own business and website,, where she sells the different slimes that she makes.

“It takes hard work, but the whole wide world is open to you,” Eliza quietly said in an empty cafeteria before her classmates filed in to make slime. “I just really like it and it is a lot of fun.”

Eliza came up with the urge to start her own slime business after attending the Prairie Arts festival in Mississippi. It took a little extra prodding of her parents before she was able to form the business, but her persistence has impressed her family.

“She really stuck with it,” Eliza’s mother Amanda said. “Her tenacity and commitment to wanting to learn how to do it. On her days off, when she gets orders, she works. On the weekend and after school, she will come home and start making her orders.”

Her commitment has also impressed one of her teachers, Rebecca Fee. With the hopes of opening students’ minds about their endless potential, Fee invited Eliza and her mother to show other students how to make the slime.

“I can’t take credit for it, but I will definitely encourage it and bolster it,” Fee said of Eliza’s business. “Having her here and showing the kids how to do this and talk about her success, will hopefully inspire them to do the same thing as well.

“I hope they see that it doesn’t matter your age, you can still be awesome and successful. If you have a dream, go for it.”

There are numerous types of slime that Eliza creates and she is constantly learning new ones. Right now, some of her favorites include fluffy slime, buttery slime and even cloud slime that is similar to kinetic sand.

While Eliza is busy making the slime, her mother updates the website and ships orders. They shipped orders all across the United States and even garnered some interest from overseas, but the shipping cost eliminated those sales. However, Eliza has spoken with a girl in Ireland and hopes to help her start her own slime business.

“We are very proud of her,” Amanda said. “We hope that she is inspiring kids that you are never too young to start or do what you love to do.”

Her teacher agreed.

“As a teacher, these are the kinds of things you want to see from your kids, you want to see them successful,” Fee said. “You don’t really expect to see it in 5th grade. You hope that in years to come you will hear their names or see their faces or other teachers will brag about them. But for her to have the initiative and her own business at such a young age is amazing.”