Incentive Schloarships LBMS

Community to provide Liberty Bell 8th graders with incentive scholarships


Community members have come together to help secure funding for Liberty Bell Middle School to provide six incentive scholarships that will be awarded to 8th grade students during their inaugural class night on May 22.

“These scholarships will offer students the opportunity to enhance, create and develop the principles our community has strived to promote for years,” Liberty Bell counselor Traci Honeycutt said. “We are working to bridge the gap between civic organizations in our community and helping to rebuild those and promoting service in our community.

“We are so honored by the support we have seen from individuals in this community who have supported many of us for years. These individuals love their community, our families, our schools and the future generation we are developing.”  

The three different categories for the six $500 incentive scholarships will come with certain expectations for the students through their Science Hill careers and upon completing those requirements; the students will receive the scholarships upon their graduation in 2023.

Johnson City Mayor Jenny Brock was helpful in making the scholarships a reality with her community connections, but she said that she was thankful for the steps that Honeycutt has taken to help Liberty Bell 8th-graders prepare for a successful high school experience.

 “By offering small scholarship opportunities in the 8th grade, the students are learning the importance of how their academics, service and behavior can impact their future and how their good works can be rewarded,” Brock said. “It is very uplifting to see community members step forward to fund the $500 scholarships."

Applications must be picked up from Liberty Bell counselor Traci Honeycutt and must be returned by April 18 to be considered. A panel will read the applications and pick three females and three males who exemplify the standards for these incentive scholarships.  For more information, please contact Traci Honeycutt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 423-232-2172.

Topper Alumni Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students who had a parent or grandparent that is a graduate of Science Hill. The student will agree to take part in encouraging and supporting Topper spirit campus-wide. The student must be a part of an organized group on campus, such as athletics, fine arts or ROTC. They will contribute to the school by helping to increase student involvement in various activities and being spirit leaders for the school and community.

Heart of our Community

This student must have a heart for service in the community and take part in community service projects within our community. This service goes beyond the 40 hours required for a Science Hill diploma. The student selected will promote acts of community service and encourage others to become involved in community service. This student will document hours of service, including four service projects they have participated in by graduation. These projects can be in conjunction with Science Hill projects or the student may implement their own project. This student will exhibit leadership in these service projects.

Hilltopper Citizenship Scholarship

In order to apply and be selected for this scholarship, the student will exhibit consistent respectable citizenship within the community. The selected student will be involved in extracurricular activities, such as sponsored programs, community programs or part-time employment. This student will be able to effectively time manage their academics, school activities and extracurricular activities. This student will establish mentoring relationships with four faculty members at Science Hill and will be a role model for good citizenship in the community.

For all Incentive Scholarships

For all incentive scholarships, students must maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA at the end of each academic school year and have 95 percent attendance while a student at Science Hill. They must have no out-of-school suspensions and complete all requirements for a SHHS diploma. They also must graduate within four years of entering Science Hill and have a post-secondary plan upon graduation.