Johnson City Board of Education honors 2019 retirees

Linda Arnold

Linda Arnold (center) with her family and the Johnson City Schools Board of Education.


Longtime Mountain View custodian Jimmy Meader is retiring. He is pictured here with BOE Chairman Tim Belisle, Superintendent Dr. Steve Barnett and three Mountain View principals that he served under, Dr. Roger Walk, Dr. Debra Bentley, and Dr. Melissa Stukes.

Anne Littleford

South Side Elementary Principal Dr. Anne Littleford, pictured with her parents and husband.

Elaine Frantz

South Side Elementary's Elaine Frantz.


South Side Elementary's Nancy Hopson.


South Side Elementary's Debra Hoilman.


Indian Trail Intermediate School's Teresa Howard.


Liberty Bell Middle School's Patricia Long (pictured with family).

Denise Matthew

Science Hill High School's Denis Matthew.

Guy Mauldin

Science Hill High School's Guy Mauldin.