Fairmont sparks spring reading with a bit of competition


Fairmont Elementary successfully sparked a springtime love of reading with their most recent reading competition in April. In total, Fairmont students read 34,632 books with Principal Carol McGill’s “McGill’s Marvels” team topping assistant principal Kaytee Jones “Jones’ Juggernauts” team.

The winners were able to get a little bit of extra recess and a picnic with their principal, who was thrilled to see her students actively searching for their next good book.

"After the time changes, and spring sports begin, it is harder to motivate students to read after school,” McGill said. “Our amazing success shocked even the teachers. In the five weeks of the challenge, the students read four times the number of books for the same time period last year.  We have celebrated the success of the Marvels, but the students are still carrying on the competition.  Most students are asking when we can start our next reading challenge."

Jones said that the experience was tremendous for the students and they would even exchange a little playful trash talk with her in the hallways. 

“Any time we can get students energized and engaged in reading, it is great,” Jones said. “Our students have loved being part of a team and it has helped motivate them to read.”

The teams were selected by a blind draw with each classroom representing one of the two teams. The Kindergartners and 1st graders were measured by the amount of books they read, while 2nd grade through 4th grade were measured by the amount of accelerated reading points, or AR points, that they earned.

Fairmont second grade student Elliott Stout said he enjoyed the experience and really liked having the support of an entire team behind him.

“It kind of gave me a competitive vibe,” Stout said. “I already like reading, but it made me want to read more.”