Middle Grades Program of Studies - Mathematics

Mathematics instruction at Indian Trail and Liberty Bell focuses on a balanced development of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application. This instruction is designed to provide students with procedural fluency and the ability to make sense of math concepts, connect to real-world contexts, and apply concepts accurately and efficiently in appropriate situations. Teachers strive to provide meaningful, rigorous, and data-driven instruction and practice to ensure the balanced mathematical development of our students.
Our mathematics curriculum and instruction follow the standards for the State of Tennessee for each grade. These standards follow a progression from one grade to the next, beginning in kindergarten, all the way through to the high school standards. This provides a steady, age-appropriate progression which presents an overall coherence, as well as connectedness among the mathematical topics. This also serves to minimize gaps in the mathematical education of our students.

5th Grade

Mathematics instruction for fifth grade students at Indian Trail includes the study of number operations with rational numbers. There will be an increased emphasis on multiplication of multi-digit numbers and an introduction to multi-digit division, as well as a focus on fraction operations. In addition, the curriculum includes algebraic thinking, measurement and data, and geometry concepts with a focus on volume and its relationship to multiplication

6th Grade

Sixth grade mathematics at Indian Trail introduces students to the study of ratios and proportions. Students will continue number operations with rational numbers, but also negative integers. The curriculum will also continue to strengthen and extend geometry concepts. Study will also include expressions and equations including the use of variables and the properties of operations, as well as statistics and probability.

7th Grade

At the seventh grade level, students study number operations with rational numbers, equations and inequalities, proportional relationships, geometry concepts, statistics, and probability. The goal is for students to exhibit the foundational skills needed to be successful in grade 8 math or Algebra 1 when leaving seventh grade classrooms.

7th Grade Pre-Algebra

Some preselected students who are mathematically talented will take Pre-Algebra. This class includes all 7th grade math standards embedded with 8th grade standards. Our goal is to challenge the student, accelerate learning, and prepare students to be considered for Algebra I in the 8th grade.

8th Grade

The 8th grade math class studies operations with scientific notation, rules of exponents, slope, equations and systems of equations. They also delve deeper into units of study on proportionality, statistics, geometry, and probability. All students leaving eighth grade math classes should be ready for Algebra 1 as a high school student.

8th Grade Algebra 1

A select group of students who have demonstrated exceptional math abilities will be provided the opportunity to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. Beginning in April each year, 7th grade students will be screened for eligibility.
Algebra 1 students begin on essential topics that include solving, graphing, and writing linear equations, inequalities, and linear systems. Other important topics include solving and graphing absolute value equations and functions. The class emphasizes solving, graphing, and writing quadratic equations and introduces students to polynomial and exponential functions with domains in the integers. General statistics will also be a topic of interest. Throughout the class, students explore and interpret the structures of functions and other mathematical models. Students build upon previous knowledge to reason, solve, and represent real world situations.
The class will replace their 8th grade math class, and the students will take the Algebra 1 end-of-course exam instead of TNReady 8th grade math.

8th grade students will be selected to take Algebra 1 based on a number of criteria:

- Grade 7 math nine-weeks math average (Q1, Q2, and Q3)

- Grade 7 math checkpoint results (Q1, Q2, and Q3)

- Algebra 1 readiness assessment administered online

- Teacher recommendation based on 7th grade math performance

To see Tennessee state math standards, please click here.