Middle Grades Program of Studies - Library Media Centers

The libraries of Indian Trail and Liberty Bell both offer a diverse collection of materials to meet the needs of middle level learners and our teachers. The library collections feature a variety of new, popular, and engaging books on a wide range of topics and levels so that all students have access to the books that are just right for them. Students are encouraged to read widely in a variety of formats. Both library programs center on the shared foundations and key commitments of the American Association of School Librarians Standards Framework: Inquire, Include, Collaborate, Curate, Explore, and Engage.


Indian Trail (Grades 5-6)

The library at Indian Trail fosters a love of reading by hosting whole class and independent checkout, by offering activities such as book tastings to introduce students to new books, and by recommending books for book clubs and literature circles. Library staff models the importance of reading and is available for personalized book suggestions. The library also hosts Project Based Learning class.


Liberty Bell (Grades 7-8)

At Liberty Bell, the library serves individual students throughout the day while also hosting Genius Hour, Service Learning, and Journalism related arts courses. The Liberty Bell library incorporates a student-led Makerspace in which students can ask their own questions, research and explore ideas, and present their results in multiple ways.