Middle Grades Program of Studies - Chorus


At Indian Trail, General Music is a class designed to expand the students’ basic knowledge of music. Students explore a variety of music styles, composers, signs, symbols, and instruments. The nine week class meets every day for 45 minutes in the chorus room. Students play classroom instruments, including keyboards, and develop a basic ability to read rhythms, recognize instruments of the orchestra, and develop an appreciation and recognition of classical composers’ music.

5th Grade

Fifth grade chorus is an elective yearlong course. Students learn how to breathe and sing correctly. Students also learn to read music and to play the keyboards on a basic level. Students are required to perform two concerts throughout the year.

6th Grade

Sixth grade chorus is an elective yearlong course with an emphasis on performance. Students on this level have multiple public performance opportunities. Students also expand on their knowledge from 5th grade in reading music and performing. Instruction in this class offers a wider study of composers and challenging music.

7th Grade

In 7th grade chorus students work daily on learning proper singing techniques. There is a focus on learning how the physiology works as we create sound, in an effort to make that sound more efficient and to improve its quality. Students also spend time learning the fundamentals of music and putting those fundamentals into action. Learning to read music through sight-singing and learning musical terms and symbols are vital parts of the process we undergo to become better musicians, better singers, and better students.

8th Grade

In 8th grade chorus students focus on reading music and applying concepts at an advanced level. Instruction focuses on advanced technical and expressive skills needed in a chamber choir. This practice helps students in chorus prepare for a future in the choral program at Science Hill, where they work diligently to build upon the lessons learned here.