Middle Grades Program of Studies - Clubs (Indian Trail)

4H Club

4-H Club consists of 5th and 6th graders. Students are able to show their creativity through the poster art contest, increase their self-esteem through the public speaking contest, and share information about the environment through the environmental essay contest. There are also various activities and contests throughout the year outside of school. In the spring, a Clover Bowl team is selected to compete in 4-H trivia in the areas of Agriculture, Science, Government, Tennessee history, Life Skills, and 4-H. We compete against area schools for the chance to represent Washington County in the regional contest at the University of Tennessee in May.

Drama Hawks

The Drama Hawks

The Drama Hawks is Indian Trail’s sixth grade theatre arts performance team. All ITIS sixth graders are invited to audition. Members are selected in August by a panel of adults who have expertise in the performing arts. This troupe rehearses weekly and performs original work written by the team’s director.

Girls On The Run

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a program that works to encourage pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and confidence through lessons and running games. Each year Indian Trail has 2-3 teams of 15-20 girls that meet after school twice a week. We celebrate the end of each season (fall and spring) with a 5K race.

Student Ambassadors

The student ambassador program at Indian Trail was designed with two objectives in mind. The first goal is to give students, who have demonstrated leadership skills, a platform with which to lead and serve. The second is to provide the general student body role models/mentors they can look up to for strong student skills and examples of good leadership.
Students are nominated for this program based on the potential for leadership, positive classroom behavior, a genuine interest in the welfare of others, and the consistent portrayal of responsibility, empathy, integrity and perseverance.
The students serve our school community in a variety of ways. Some of these responsibilities are welcoming new students on the first day of school, morning announcements, giving school tours to rising 5th grade students and developing service projects to help the students in our school, such as Teddy’s Pantry or Anna’s Closet.



Intramurals at Indian Trail is a before-school program which allows students the opportunity to create their own sports teams and play against others in both a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Whether watching the games from the sidelines, or playing in the sports, one of the main goals of the intramural program is to provide a place where students can interact with friends. With students coming to Indian Trail from eight elementary schools, intramural sports provide the perfect way to stay connected with long-time friends, while getting the chance to meet others. Students participate in a regular season where teams are guaranteed to play several games and enjoy a more laid-back setting. Once playoffs begin teams are placed into a single-elimination tournament. After battling their way through the playoffs, the winner of each sport is crowned champions and receives the highly coveted intramural championship t-shirt. The Intramural sports offered include: soccer, volleyball, tennis, flag football, basketball, dodgeball, tchoukball, bound ball, gymnastics, baseball, and 4x100 relay race.



The ITIS Mathletes team continues to grow in strength and reputation as one of our district’s leading examples of providing high quality enrichment to students excelling in mathematics and higher level problem solving. The team has enjoyed huge success over this time period. After one quarter of teacher observation of student behaviors, academic performance in the classroom, and analysis of student testing data, students are selected by their math teacher and names are submitted for notification of selection to try out for the ITIS Mathletes team. Parents of students are notified by letter of this selection and provided with details of the selection process. Students are administered a qualifying test given with a 45 minute time period using no calculator. Scores are tabulated and tie breaker questions are given to determine the top 12 students of the 80 or more students selected for the tryout process.

STEAM Academy

STEAM Academy is an after-school enrichment opportunity to extend learning for excelling students in academics and behavior. Students are challenged in all areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) with the goal of augmenting standard curriculum to enhance and deepen understanding of academic concepts. The Academy consists of two groups of 24 students led by two certified teachers per group. We have a 5th grade and a 6th grade group.