JCS has no water sources test above acceptable lead levels

Johnson City Schools learned on Friday that no water sources on school campuses tested above acceptable levels of lead according to state standards.

In 2018, Tennessee passed legislation which required school districts to implement policies to test for lead drinking water sources in schools. Johnson City Schools began testing water sources for lead prior to it being mandated by the state, but in order to be in compliance, the district tested water sources on school campuses over the summer.

The results noted that no water source in the district came back with a reading that would require the district to take any action. Tennessee State law requires that if results are greater than 15 ppb but less than 20 ppb, the school shall conduct testing on an annual basis until retesting confirms the level is less than 15 ppb. If results are greater than 20 ppb, the school must notify parents and remove the water source.

Johnson City Schools will test their water again on a bi-annual basis, as mandated by Tennessee State law.