Inclement Weather Plan

Johnson City Schools Inclement Weather Plan


Johnson City Schools is aware of the implications of opening school during less than perfect conditions and of the delaying or closing of school when poor weather conditions exist or are predicted.  The school system knows that it serves students within an area whose transportation system has difficulty operating efficiently when the road and/or temperature conditions are not safe.  Because some of Johnson City Schools open doors as early as 7:00 a.m. school buses begin picking up students at 6:25 a.m.  Occasionally weather conditions worsen quickly thus requiring a later decision.  Parents need to be aware of this possibility and plan accordingly. If you are an elementary or intermediate parent who uses Educare, please check with your Educare director for their schedule. The safety of students, staff, and parents remains the top and primary consideration.

How does Johnson City Schools decide when to close schools due to inclement weather?

When weather events are occurring, or have occurred, the school system gathers information from many sources. The Superintendent is in constant contact with Johnson City transit officials as they drive bus routes through neighborhoods and school zones. The school system consults with the National Weather Service regarding up-to-the-minute forecasts and conditions. School administrators talk to maintenance and custodial staff members to determine the condition of school campus roads and parking lots. Once all information is collected, the Superintendent makes the final decision.

Why aren’t schedule changes always announced the night before?

Every attempt is made to announce school schedule changes as soon as possible.  There have been times when the forecast the night before does not develop as reported. The timing of the decision remains secondary, however, to the safety issues.

How do I find out if Johnson City Schools will have a change of schedule?

If a decision is made to alter the schedule, an alert will be sent out through SchoolMessenger, social media, posted to the schools’ websites and pushed out through local media. To make sure you are signed up for district alerts, please contact your child’s school.  If you already have this service, please make sure that phone numbers and email addresses are correct. We will also announce the closing of schools via Facebook and Twitter on the official Johnson City Schools page (@JCityTNSchools).