Reading Bowl Winners Hyatt

Mountain View completes 6th annual Reading Bowl   


For six years, second-grade students at Mountain View Elementary have had an extra bit of excitement leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. But that excitement isn’t necessarily for the big game. Instead, it’s the Reading Bowl that brings big smiles to their faces.

“We were looking for something to do that would correlate with the excitement for the Super Bowl, and we wanted to connect it academically,” Mountain View second grade teacher Marla Hyatt said. “So we created this competition where students competed against other classrooms to see who could read the most books.”

During the week of the Super Bowl, students are encouraged to read as many books as possible. They then keep track of the books in their reading logs, before taking an AR test once they complete the book. The three classes tallied 896 books for the week and Hyatt’s class took home the trophy, accounting for 397 books.

“We read together and we all worked so hard,” said second-grader Ahmoni Williams through a smile. “Everyone came together to read and we had a lot of fun.”

The excitement was on full display during their awards ceremony last Friday, as the classes marched into the little theater dressed in their classroom colors and chanting their team name. The excitement was loud enough to drown out the entrance music that filled the room.

“You could just feel the excitement and you could tell how hard they worked,” Hyatt said.

Mountain View also rewarded students who read the most in each class. Those students included Hayley Meek, Atayvian Young, and Lesedi Williams.