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Click here to view Johnson City Schools' Board of Education Attendance Policy (6.200)

Attendance is a key factor in student Achievement and therefore, students are expected to be present each school day is in session.  Absences shall be classified as either excused or unexcused as determined by the principal or his designee.  Excused absences shall include:

  • Personal illness
  • Illness of immediate family member
  • Death in the family
  • Principal/designee approved absences up to three (3) days per school year as requested by the parent/legal guardian. No student will be allowed to use these absences during standardized testing dates or during final exams
  • Religious observations, or
  • Circumstances over which, in the judgment of the principal, the student has no control

Truancy vs. Chronic Absence


Truancy is defined as an unexcused absence for an entire school day, a major portion of the school day or the major portion of any class, study hall or activity during the school day for which the student is scheduled. Students who are absent five days without  adequate excuse will be reported to the Director of Schools who  will, in turn, provide written notice to the parents of the student's absence. A new notice shall be sent after each successive accumulation of five unexcused absences. Failure by the parent  or child to comply with the law shall result in a report to appropriate legal authorities. Students  participating in school-sponsored activities whether on- or off-campus shall not be counted absent. In order to qualify as "school-sponsored", the activity must be school-planned and school-directed, and teacher/coach supervised.

Makeup Work & Incompletes

Any student who has an excused absence must make  up the work missed during an absence.  It is the  responsibility of the student to meet with the teacher within two days of returning to class to make arrangements for the completion of work to be made up. Work that is assigned at least five days prior to an absence and during the absence must be turned in the day the student returns to class. Students who are to be absent due  to school sponsored activities are to meet with their teachers prior to the activity to get assignments and to schedule a time to take  any missed test, quizzes, etc.

State-Mandated Tests

Students who are absent the day of the scheduled state assessments must present a signed doctor's excuse or must have been  given an excused release by the principal prior to testing to receive an excused absence. Excused students will receive an incomplete in the course until they have taken the assessment. Students who have an unexcused absence shall receive a failing grade on the course exam which shall be averaged into their final course grade at 15%.  Any student who misses a scheduled high school state assessment must take the test at the next administration.

Credit / Promotion Denial

Credit/promotion denial determinations may include student attendance, however, student attendance may not be the sole  criterion. If attendance is a factor, prior to credit/promotion denial, the following shall occur.  Parents and students shall be advised if a student is in danger of credit/promotion denial due to excessive absenteeism. Procedures in due process are available to the student when  credit/promotion is denied.

Driver's License Revocation

More than ten consecutive or fifteen reported absences (excused or unexcused) by a student during any semester renders a student ineligible to retain a driver's permit or license, or to obtain such if of age.In order to qualify for reclaiming a driver's permit or license, the student must make a passing grade in at least three full unit subjects or their equivalency at the conclusion of a subsequent grading period.


Attendance Hearing

An attendance committee appointed by the principal will conduct a hearing to determine if any extenuating circumstances exist or to verify that the student has met attendance requirements that will allow him to pass the course promoted. The principal shall be responsible for notifying, in writing, the Director of Schools and the parents of the student of any action taken by the school.Any administrative decision regarding attendance may be appealed initially to the Director of Schools and ultimately to the Board. The appeal shall be made in writing to the Director of Schools within five days  following the action or the report of the action, whichever is later.


Punctuality is an essential life skill which should be cultivated in the school setting. Being on time for school and class is required of all students. Each school shall adopt a plan designed to reduce or eliminate tardies. This plan shall be consistent across school  divisions (i.e. elementary, middle, or secondary) and within individual schools.

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