2020 Toppers using social media to celebrate one another

2020 Toppers using social media to celebrate one another


The Science Hill Class of 2020 may be missing out on memories from their final days of high school, but they have come together to celebrate one another on social media. Science Hill senior Keaton Honeycutt started a Facebook and Instagram page to celebrate the successes of fellow senior Toppers.

Honeycutt encouraged her classmates to submit their favorite photo of themselves and their plans for after graduation, so she could post them on the Facebook page and Instagram page.

“This situation feels like a huge blow to all seniors, so I wanted us all to come together and be encouraging, kind and supportive of one another,” Honeycutt said. “When I first made the accounts, I was so afraid that none of my classmates would want to post, but I immediately started receiving posts and that truly made my heart full.”

So far, the page has honored 189 of the over 550 Science Hill seniors and Honeycutt said she hopes to honor all of her classmates. Any Science Hill senior who would like to share their picture and their postsecondary plans are encouraged to reach out to Honeycutt or direct message either page.

“I want to spotlight as many 2020 Topper graduates as possible,” Honeycutt said. “Everyone is important.”

Science Hill senior and Student Government Association President Sannvi Goenka said that she was excited to share her photo and postsecondary plans with the group.

“I love how we are able to unite through social media to praise and congratulate all of the seniors who have worked incredibly hard,” Goenka said. “It is truly amazing to see this sort of fellowship that still exists in our class, even while social distancing.”

Science Hill principal Todd Barnett said that he was happy to see the social media page started as a way to honor the Science Hill Class of 2020.

“We are happy to see the Science Hill class of 2020 celebrate one another’s accomplishments,” Barnett said. “We are working on other ways to recognize our seniors and to celebrate their achievement of earning a diploma from Science Hill High School.”

Honeycutt is hopeful that when the class of 2020 comes together for the 10-year reunion, they will look back and be the class that will never be forgotten. But for now, she and her classmates will continue to celebrate their achievements.

“For me, I was looking forward to playing in my last ever orchestra concert, a huge senior prom, a graduation ceremony, honors day, and finishing the senior year with my peers,” Honeycutt said. “I knew that my classmates wanted many of those things too. For many students, they didn’t get to play their last sports season, so I knew something had to be done. I knew it wouldn’t be as good as sharing our lasts together, but I knew I could find something to bring us together.”

To visit the Facebook page, please click here. To visit the Instagram page, please click here.