School Safety

Anonymous Tips

You can send an anonymous tip to the Johnson City Police Department via text message by texting the code "423JCPD" along with your tip to phone number 847411 (TIP411).

SRO Program

The Johnson City School Resource Officer Unit is comprised of 12 sworn Johnson City Police Officers who are assigned full time to the Johnson City Schools. The School Resource Officer Unit is supervised by Officer in Charge Lorrie Goff, who is in charge of the SRO's (grades 7 thru 12), and Officer in Charge Kenny Willis, who is in charge of all elementary school SRO's (grades K-6).

School Messenger

Johnson City Schools use an application called School Messenger in order to send out emergency or weather related notifications. It is important that schools have the most up-to-date phone numbers and contact methods in order to insure that parents receive important information. That information can be updated through the school. Please contact your school for further instructions.

There are two types of lockdowns in the Johnson City School System:

  1. Soft Lockdown (parents will not be notified, unless extenuating circumstances)

    • A soft lockdown is implemented when no imminent threat is detected and the soft lockdown is initiated for situations including medical emergencies or if there is incident in the area (i.e. burglary or police investigation) that does not directly affect the school.
    • During a soft lockdown, students stay in the classroom with normal teaching occurring, but no one is allowed in or out of the building. We can modify a soft lockdown at any time based on information and or circumstances. School administration will communicate any modifications to faculty, staff and students. Typically, parents are not notified for soft lockdowns, however, during some extenuating circumstances, parents may be notified.
  2. Hard Lockdown (parents will be notified in a timely fashion)

    • A hard lockdown is implemented only when there is an imminent threat to the schools and parents are notified via Messenger. While parents will be notified, it may not be immediate, as the initial concern is making sure that the school is secure. During a hard lockdown everything stops in the building, instruction is stopped, classrooms are locked, students are removed from the hallways and there is no movement in the building.


Each school has an evacuation plan and site that they will initiate if there has been a traumatic situation or a facilities issue at the school. Parents will be notified with instructions through School Messenger.

Threats to students or self

Any student that makes a threat against the school, others or themselves will have a three-prong approach that includes a mental evaluation, potential legal consequences and school discipline.


Johnson City Schools uses the OLWEUS definition for bullying, which is “bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.”

To view the Board of Education policy 6.304, click here.


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