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Reading Bowl Winners Hyatt

Mountain View completes 6th annual Reading Bowl   

Amy Ford speaks with a student

Mountain View's Amy Ford was named one of 29 finalists for the TSTA Educator of the Year Award. While she didn't win, she said it was an honor to be nominated by her principal.

#MountainViewRocks are something to smile about

Sometimes, people just need something that will make them smile. 

Those are the intentions for Marla Hyatt’s second grade class at Mountain View, who painted rocks with words of encouragement or funny faces.

“We’re working on kindness this year so we thought that if we could participate in this Kindness Rocks Project, that it would be a good way to brighten someone’s day,” Hyatt said. “We got our rocks and painted something cheerful on them so that if someone saw it, maybe they would smile.”

The class is set to meet up over the weekend and place the rocks in different areas in hopes of bringing a smile to someone’s face. Hyatt and her children hope that people will see the rocks throughout the community and then use the #MountainViewRocks and let the kids know that there rocks helped brighten their day.

The colorful rocks came in all shapes, but students were able to hold them in the palm of their hand. The children received some input from their parents, but it’s evident by looking at the designs that the children made most of the decisions.

Mountain View second-grader Addison Meek painted her rock to look like a Minion, because she said that they always make her laugh.

“It was fun,” Meek said through a smile. “Mrs. Hyatt went to the river and picked up rocks for us and we got to paint them…I chose a Minion because they are just really funny.”

Classmate Cara Haynes painted a heart, smiley face and the phrase “You Are One of a Kind” on her rock.

“I thought that if I painted, ‘You are one of a kind,’ on the rock, it would make someone’s day,” she said.

The Kindness Rocks Project is a national campaign that was created to spread inspiration and a moment of kindness for unsuspecting recipients through random inspirational rocks dropped along the way.