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Remote Library Access

Last Updated: 10/29/2020 7:23 PM


Book Requests

Students can check the SH catalog through their SSO by clicking the Destiny icon and searching for a particular book, author, or subject. If you have questions, you can email Mr. Hoilman or Mrs. Trent for more information or to request a books to be added to the wish list.

The book can then be checked out by the following means:

1. Click the Remote Library Request Form link to the right of this page.

2. Complete the form.

3. Hit submit.


When ready, the book will be placed in the main office, and a reply email will be sent to notify patrons of the checkout. The due date will be stamped in the back of the book. The book has a two-week checkout period.


The book should be returned to the main office when the student is finished with it. To renew the book, the student will need to send another email to one of the above addresses and request "to renew" whichever books are needed. Once returned, the book(s) will be scanned with a HVC scanner and held for 3 days before being reshelved, according to the American Library Association.


Calculator Requests

Students may also request a calculator for a math course. These will be renewed weekly for the students until they return to in-person classes. Click the Remote Library Request Form link to the right of this page to request a calculator.


We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page for information about Chromebooks, tech team, and other items of concern.


BTW: Fines were deleted as of 9.1.20, but they will begin to accrue from that point.


Last Updated: October 28, 2020