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Towne Acres Directory

Last Updated: 1/11/2023 4:24 PM


Dr. Josh Simmons


Office Staff

Renee Barnett - Bookkeeper

Lana Craig - Secretary

Melinda Powell - School Secretary

Doug Keller - Testing/Attendance

Jacob France - Technology

Hunter Tester - Educare



Yolanda Miller

Dr. Jennifer Campbell

Tracie Howard

Erin Ward


First Grade

Rebecca Goad

Trish Taylor

Stephanie Robinette

Jenny Yearwood


Second Grade

Sean Murphy

Kristy Enns

Dr. Angie Smith

Brenda White


Third Grade

Karen Bunch

Vicki Hull

Christy Kibelbek

Millie Tyree


Fourth Grade

Kellie Bowman

Rachel Bowers

Glynna Carruthers


Fifth Grade

Allison Berry

Amy Duncan

Erica Horton

Lauren Temm


Related Arts

Jennifer Banner - Guidance

Brent Billheimer - Music

Corey Moser - Physical Education

Donna Patterson - Library

Louann Sharp - Art


Special Areas

Jennifer Tucker - Resource

Cyndie Estep - Resource Assistant

Betsy Smelser - Resource Assistant

Karen Wilhjelm - Speech

Rebecca Webb - E.S.L.

Jeana Hughes - Discovery


School Nurse

Tatsiana Yavas


Last Updated: August 2, 2020