Please click here to go to the Registration page to learn about the process to register A NEW STUDENT - including kindergarteners - for the 2023-2024 school year. Current students will be able to register in July, while new tuition students will register on June 6. For more information, visit this page.

    For parents filling out In-Zone Transfers, please use this link.

    For parents filling out the Pre-K application, please use this link.

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Last Updated: 9/16/2022 8:13 PM

Hunter Tester, Director

Phone: (423) 791-0225

Email: Testerh@jcschools.org


Towne Acres Elementary Educare Program



It is the mission of the Towne Acres Educare program to provide working parents a quality, supervised, before and after school program. Yet it is not a baby-sitting service, nor is it limited to working parents. The Educare program is a well-rounded program featuring several different and enriching components. The children are divided by age groups. We do homework, center activities, some art activities and have playtime.



Our before-school program is daily from 7:00 AM until 7:45 AM

After-school care is provided between 3:15 PM and 6:00 PM


A snack is served daily after school. We are open on 1/2 half days and most vacation days. Director will have sign-ups for these days 3 weeks prior to break. Please make sure that your child brings his/her lunch on these days. We also have an extensive Summer Educare program.


Daily Educare Fee Schedule

Application/Registration Fee                      $15.00 per student

7:00 - 7:45 a.m.                                      $2.00 per day

3:15 - 6:00 p.m.      

Students on fee-waivered list- $5.00 per  day/student

All other students                                      $7.50 per day/student


Half Days (3 days during the school year)

12:00 - 6:00 p.m. "Half Day"                     $12.00/student

All Day Care - weekly rate                         $80.00 week/student

All Day Care - daily rate                            $22.00/day/student

Late pick-up fee (per child)                        $10.00 for 1st 15 minutes, $10.00 each

      additional 15 minutes after.


New Transfer Student Enrollment

Educare directors will coordinate with previous schools for transfers between Johnson City Schools to assure there is no Educare tuition debt at the previous school before enrolling a student into the Educare Program. If debt does exist, enrollment will be denied until the debt has been paid to the previous school.