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Remote Library Access

Last Updated: 3/9/2022 6:47 PM

Book Requests

Students can check the LBMS catalog through their SSO by clicking the Destiny icon and searching for a particular book, author, or subject. if you have questions you can email Ms. Loudermilk at

If you have a book request please email the title and author to Ms. Loudermilk.

The book can then be checked out by following the steps below:

1. Click on the LBMS Remote Learner Library Book Request 

2. Complete the form

3. Submit the form

When the book is ready it will be placed in the main office, and a reply email will be sent to notify patrons of the checkout. The due date will be stamped in the back of the book. The book has a two-week checkout period. 

The book should be returned to the main office when the student is finished with it. To renew the book, the student will need to send another  email to one of the above addresses and request "to renew" whichever books are needed. 

A second option for requesting a book.

Steps to Hold a book in Destiny

#1 Login to Destiny with your username and password. 

#2 Type the title you are looking for and click on "Search".

#3 When the book you are looking for pops up, click on "Hold". 

#4 When you click on your name, it will show you have a Hold. Click on "Holds".

#5 It will show you all the Holds you have and when it is available for delivery.