Please click here to go to the Registration page to learn about the process to register A NEW STUDENT - including kindergarteners - for the 2023-2024 school year. Current students will be able to register in July, while new tuition students will register on June 6. For more information, visit this page.

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Mountain View Directory

Last Updated: 1/24/2023 5:47 PM


Dr. Melissa Stukes, Principal

Dr. JoDee Dotson, Assistant Principal

Dr. Chelsea Lee, Assistant Principal


Office Staff

Janet Courtney, Administrative Secretary

Kristi Sheffield, Family/School Coordinator

Angela Turner, Bookkeeper

Alexis Malone, Nurse


Frontier Health

Hannah Shannon

Trena White



Becky Saunders

Jessica Laws



Anna Jones

Rachel Miller

Karen Seaver

Christine Stout

Carrie Bearden


First Grade

Kathy Baker

Madison Dosser

Jamee Roberts

Kristin Trivett

Johnny Tucker

Laura McDonald


Second Grade

Wendy Bradmeyer

Shannon Gillis

Katie Jones

Lauren McIntire-Johnson

Nicole Smith



Third Grade

Laura Edwards

Sharley French

Melissa Jervis

Lauren Lawhon

Whitney Pearson


Fourth Grade

Keila Booker

Dianna Bone

Taylor Freeman

Tammy Kota

Rob Martindale


Fifth Grade

Jessica Bakan

Carla Clapper

Jessica Gambino

Marla Hyatt


Related Arts

Anna Armstrong, Library

Joanna Barnett, Art

Jenny Greer, Guidance

Christy Holley, Music

James Scott, PE

Brenda Townsend, Tech Lab


Special Education

Fernando DeSousa, ESL Interpreter

Annette Noe, Speech

Chantelle Williams, SPED Teacher

Kimberly Stephens, SPED Teacher



Cindy Myers, RTI/504/Testing Coordinator

Tanya Clark, Instructional Assistant

Danice Dowell, Instructional Assistant

Bethany Willett, Instructional Assistant

Molly Organ, Instructional Assistant

Christian Scheel, Instructional Assistant

Sheilan Tester, Instructional Assistant

Liz Hubbard, Instructional Assistant



Cindy Case, Educare Director

Skyler Kirkland, Educare Assistant

Elisabeth Holley, Educare Assistant



Carol Adams, PreK Assistant

Tracy Britt, RTI-B Assistant

Liz Dollar, RTI-B Assistant

Crystal Hunter, Sped Assistant

Maud Mushayamunda, Sped Assistant

Wendy Rabbitts, PreK Assistant

Jessica Hudson, Library/Media Assistant

Ricky Oncale, SPED Assistant

Amanda Hopland, SPED Assistant

Tkeayh Johnson, Instructional Assistant

Latanna Medina, Instructional Assistant

Gaines Snodderly, Tech Assistant




Chauncey Smith

Brenda Williams



Marly Eggers, Food Service Manager

Teresa Holt

Misty Phillips