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This materials list for 2021-22SY has been compiled to serve as a guide in the selection of materials and supplies in accordance with the Johnson City Board of Education Policy 6.709.  School fees shall be waived for students who receive free or reduced-price school lunches.  The application for determining eligibility for free or reduced-price lunches shall be used to verify student eligibility for fee-waivers.


The teachers are responsible for reviewing the student records and requesting each child to purchase workbooks on the grade level at which he/she functions best.  The amount may vary from grade to grade, from room to room within a grade, and from child to child within a room depending upon the needs of the child.  Principals are responsible for ordering any materials on the list at the appropriate level for the child.


In order to better provide for individual differences, the teacher may, after consultation with the principal, (1) request additional workbooks if the child completes the workbooks which have been purchased for him/her, (2) collect up to $2.00 to be used for art and music materials, (3) circle, designate and collect only a portion of the total amount listed for “Necessary Materials & Supplies” and/or “Paper  & Printed Material”.  Total fees should not exceed $25.00.




(choose from this list)


Grade Level                                Item                                                     Price­­­­­

Kindergarten         **Weekly Publication                                                   $5.00                                                                            Necessary Materials & Supplies                                                               $14.00                            

Paper & Printed Materials                                                                          $6.00                                             _______________________________________________________________________

First Grade            **Weekly Publication                                                   $ 5.00

                                 Necessary Materials & Supplies                           $14.00  

                     Paper & Printed Materials                                      $ 6.00                                 _______________________________________________________________________

Second Grade         **Weekly Publication                                                $ 5.00

                                   Necessary Materials & Supplies                           $14.00

                                  Paper & Printed Materials                                      $ 6.00                                           _______________________________________________________________________

Third Grade           **Weekly Publication                                                    $ 5.00

                                 Necessary Materials & Supplies                              $14.00            

                                 Paper & Printed Materials                                       $ 6.00                               _______________________________________________________________________

Fourth Grade        **Weekly Publication                                                    $ 5.00

                                 Necessary Materials & Supplies                            $14.00                        

                                 Paper & Printed Materials                                      $ 6.00                                     





**  e.g., Weekly Reader