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Mountain View Moments - February Newsletter

Mountain View Moments


Welcome, Dr. Chelsea Lee to Mountain View! She will serve as an Assistant Principal, in addition to our current Assistant Principal, Dr. Dotson.  Dr. Lee is excited about joining the Mountain View community and she looks forward to working alongside our students, faculty, staff, and families.  

Before becoming an Assistant Principal, Dr. Lee was a teacher and a Math Coach for Johnson City Schools.  This past semester, Mountain View was one of the schools she served as a Math Coach.  Before becoming a Math Coach, Dr. Lee taught 3rd and 4th grades at North Side and Woodland.  She recently earned a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Change from Lipscomb University. She also earned a Master of Science in Reading Education from the University of Tennessee and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the   University of Virginia at Wise.

“I’ve already been amazed to see students engaged in high-quality learning.  Our teachers and staff continue to provide opportunities for our students to excel in the classroom and the school community”, said Dr. Lee.  She also added, “I look forward to joining an outstanding administrative team and working alongside Dr. Stukes and Dr. Dotson to continue to make every effort to help our students reach their fullest potential!”     


Welcome to Mountain View!



The PTA is looking to fill the following positions immediately for the 2022-2023 school year:

1. President –Oversees the operations of PTA, offers encouragement and guidance to all positions within the unit and members

2. Vice-President –Helps the President as they need it and, ideally, becomes the President the following term

3. Secretary –Keeps minutes of the meetings, both board and general

4. Treasurer –Counts and deposits incoming monies, writes checks, keeps financial records

5. Membership –Promotes membership

6. Fundraising –Oversees fundraising activities

If you are interested in serving as an officer or helping our PTA without serving in a leadership role, please send an email to: mvptapresident@gmail.com to get more information.


What’s Happening Now

The PTA’s Membership Drive is going on now!  Membership forms have been sent home.  Join our PTA today!

Also, the PTA’s Spirit Sale is going on now (while supplies last)!



Listed below are some ways to keep up with up-to-date information on the latest changes in our school system/school:

Regularly check Johnson City Schools’ website (www.jcschools.org) for the latest updates.  You can also visit our school’s website (http://mountainview.jcschools.org/) and district news will be posted there as well. 

You are encouraged to regularly check your email for updates.  If you do not have an email address, feel free to get one and then update the information on your child’s enrollment card.  

If you are on social media, you can follow Johnson City Schools on Facebook (search for Johnson City Schools) or Twitter (@jcityTNschools).  You can follow Mountain View on Twitter (@MountainViewJCS). 



Happy New Year! I’m so excited to be back at school.  I hope everyone had a fabulous Winter Break. In PE, we started the year with some tennis skills.  In February, we will work toward learning volleyball skills and playing volleyball during class.  Coach Scott


This month continues with our move from flat, 2D works of art to 3D forms. Students will begin to look at art in a different way, not just focusing on one side of a picture.  Instead, they will view an art form with multiple sides.


We will be studying sculpture artists from the past up to the modern day to see how this art form has developed. Students will learn multiple techniques of sculpture and will apply these techniques to make mini masterpieces of their own! It will be lots of fun and a great change of pace in the art room!


During the winter season, with the possibility of snow on the ground, there is a great opportunity to make some fun outside art with your kiddos. A snowman sculpture can definitely help reinforce what the kids are learning about in the art room! I hope you have a blast doing it!



Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. In Ms. Greer’s Counseling Classes, we focus on showing empathy towards others throughout the year.


Here are some ways to help children develop desirable emotional skills such as demonstrating empathy:


· TEACH BY EXAMPLE – Children observe how adults in their lives handle emotions, how they interact with people, and how they solve problems.  Ask yourself, “How would I want my child to behave?” and try to be that example.

· EXPRESS YOUR LOVE/ AFFIRM POSITIVE BEHAVIOR – When children feel valued, they will more than likely want to become the best person they can be. 

· MODEL POSITIVE EMOTIONAL EXPRESSIONS-This could include talking about how you feel by saying, “I feel _______ because ________”

· LISTENING/ACKNOWLEDGING OTHERS’ FEELINGS – People can understand others better just by learning to actively listen to them and by paying attention to their feelings. 



· February 5th—JCPTA Cultural Awards Ceremony at 2:00 PM

· February 8th—Class Picture Day

· February 8th—Midterms go home

· February 10th—Team Spirit Day (wear your favorite team’s shirts, jerseys, colors, etc.)

· February 13th—Built-in Snow Day/No School

· February 15th—WIDA Testing begins

· February 23rd—Spring Picture Day (Individual pictures)

· February 23rd—Digital Learning Day



I am excited to begin a new year and look forward to making music again with all of our Mountain View musicians!


Composer of the Month

Our composer of the month for February is Ludwig van Beethoven.  Some facts we will learn about Beethoven…

From Germany

Classical & Romantic composer – His music transitioned from Classical to Romantic during his lifetime (1770-1827)

Famous pieces Beethoven wrote:

Fur Elise

Symphony No. 9 “Ode to Joy”                           

Symphony No. 5 “Moonlight Sonata”

        Interesting facts:

Born into a musical family

Went deaf

His greatest music was written after he went deaf


These are some wonderful websites to learn more about Beethoven

https://www.beethoven.de/en/beethoven - Visit Beethoven’s birth home and explore several activities

https://www.classicsforkids.com  - Visit Classics for Kids to learn and play games

 A great family movie about Beethoven is Beethoven Lives Upstairs.  It is available to stream online.  




In February, the older students will be learning about the history of Langston High School in Johnson City. This unit includes interviews with alumni and exploring artifacts from Langston.

Students in grades 3-5 will continue lessons in how to use Google Slides, Canva, and Canvas.

All students will take on engineering tasks during their library time that require them to solve a problem and create a solution. 

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