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Invitation for Parents/Faculty to Attend TLC's Special Education Learning Series

TLC the Arc

The Learning Center and Family Engagement in Special Education / The Arc are working together to bring parents and teachers a three-session learning series, Life After High School & Involvement with IEPs.  We invite all interested parents and faculty to register today to join Kathleen Basham and Erika Konyak at The Learning Center in Central Office from 4 - 6 PM for the following sessions.  Light refreshments will be provided.  Parents may call TLC at (423) 434-5218 or email Tracey Coffey to register.  Teachers may register in the Learning Stream and receive professional development credit.


Tuesday, April 18th Planning Life After High School

Wondering what will happen to our child after they graduate can be a bit scary. This event helps families, educators, and individuals look at life after high school and the possibilities to consider. You will learn about paths for the future including work, college, trade options, scholarships, transportation, and specific educational programs. These topics can help in creating IEPs with specific transition goals and creating a successful future for both family and the student.


*We have changed the following sessions to virtual, both on May 2nd.  Parents will receive the Zoom link after signing up with TLC.  Updated on 4/11/2023


*Tuesday, May 2nd My Child in Their IEP

Parents work very hard to help their child speak up about needs regarding their disabilities. This event shares what should be considered when your child begins attending their IEP, how to guide them in understanding what an IEP involves, and we have interviews with a former student and parent who provided self advocacy opportunities. The how, why, when, and what will be explored from the student, parent, and educator. 


*Tuesday, May 2nd Parent Involvement in IEP

The entire IEP process can be a little overwhelming, however as a parent, becoming involved can provide a wealth of benefits for you and your student. Helping understand the role of each IEP team member, including the parent, the rights, timelines, and procedures. We will break it down into easy-to-understand steps.


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