Registration and Tuition Information

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New Student Registration Information

New students are those who have never attended Johnson City Schools or those who have moved away and did not complete the 2020-2021 school year with us.

Registration is open to all students residing in the City of Johnson City and to those students who have been granted tuition status. To register in Johnson City Schools, the following items must be supplied by the registrant:

The student registration form must be completed by the student's parent or legal guardian only. To speak with a school representative regarding enrollment questions, call your child's school directly or call Johnson City Schools Central Office at (423) 434-5200. Registration checklists are provided below to assist you with gathering the required documentation.

Registration Checklist

SHHS Registration Checklist



Zoning and Tuition Status

Zoning Exception: Parents who would like to request their child attend a different city school outside the school zone for which their child is zoned for, must apply for a zoning exception.

Tuition Application: Parents of students who are not legal residents of the City of Johnson City must submit a tuition application to attend a Johnson City School.

To learn which school your child is zoned for, please visit Johnson City Schools School Zones or call Johnson City Schools Central Office at (423) 434-5200.

Parents or legal guardians must apply annually for their child’s tuition and zoning status, even if they attended Johnson City Schools during the preceding school year.

For more information, please contact Danise Slayton at (423) 434-5219 or to schedule a school tour.


Last Updated: October 12, 2020