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    Please click here to go to the Registration page to learn about the process to register A NEW STUDENT - including kindergarteners - for the 2023-2024 school year. Current students will be able to register in July, while new tuition students will register on June 6. For more information, visit this page.

    For parents filling out In-Zone Transfers, please use this link.

    For parents filling out the Pre-K application, please use this link.



    Pre-K Application process will begin on April 3

    Kindergarten Registration will begin on May 1

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Registration and Tuition Information

Last Updated: 5/2/2023 4:58 PM



This registration is only for NEW students and Kindergarten students. Current students will be able to register starting July 1. The link to register a new student can be found below.


New students are those who have never attended Johnson City Schools or those who have moved away and did not complete the 2022-2023 school year with us.  We will be moving registration online beginning with the 2023-2024 school year and registration will open on May 1.

Registration is open to all students residing in the City of Johnson City and to those students who have been granted tuition status. To speak with a school representative regarding enrollment questions, call your child's school directly or call Johnson City Schools Central Office at (423) 434-5200. Registration checklists are provided below to assist you with gathering the required documentation.


Elementary, Indian Trail, and Liberty Bell Registration Checklist

SHHS Registration Checklist


To register in Johnson City Schools, the following items must be supplied by the registrant:

  • Student Registration Form must be completed by the student's parent or legal guardian.
  • Proof of Age Affidavit (Examples include Birth Certificate, insurance papers, doctor's records, passports, and adoption records, etc.) 
  • Parent/Guardian ID
  • Tennessee Certificate of Immunization (Parent Consent for Sharing Immunization Form)

The state of Tennessee allows the following immunization exemptions:

  1. In the absence of an epidemic or immediate threat of an epidemic, the requirement does not apply to any child whose parent or guardian files with the school authorities a signed, written statement that the immunization and other preventive measures conflict with the parent’s or guardian’s religious tenets and practices, affirmed under the penalties of perjury;
  2. A child is not denied admission to any school or school facility if the child has not been immunized due to medical reasons if the child has a written statement from the child’s doctor excusing the child from the immunization;
  3. A child or youth determined to be homeless is not denied admission to any school or school facility if the child or youth has not yet been immunized or is unable to produce immunization records due to being homeless; and
  4. Immunization is not required if a qualified physician certifies that administration of the immunization would be in any manner harmful to the child involved.
  •  PHYSICAL - For ALL Students entering school for the first time (Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and other students from whom there is no health record) - A physical must be dated after August 1 of the year preceding the year of enrollment.


  • Proof of Address: To be enrolled a student must reside in the City of Johnson or must meet the conditions required for a non-resident student.  Parents must provide proof of residence with at least two (2) of the following: valid lease; current utility bill(s); mortgage documents; or completed Proof of Residency Affidavit.  These documents alone will not prove residency but will support a claim of residency.


  • Custody Papers, if applicable
  • Home Language Survey
  • Emergency/Enrollment Form
  • Health Information Card
  • Occupational Survey
  • Bus Transportation Request Form
  • Medication Forms for Clinic
  • Additional Services Follow-Up
  • Attendance Policy
  • Elementary Tardy Policy
  • Chromebook Agreement


To register a NEW STUDENT or KINDERGARTENER, please click this link.

Kindergarten students must be five (5) years old on or before August 15. Students born between August 16 and September 30 must be tested in order to be admitted.


If you are a current tuition student you will maintain your tuition status as long as the student is in good standing for attendance, grades, financial requirements, and behavior. Those families will be able to register with returning students starting on July 1.


The tuition schools for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year will be based on a review of enrollment projections. After reviewing current enrollment numbers and projected enrollment for the upcoming year, Science Hill High School will accept new tuition students. The application (for Science Hill) will be available on the district website beginning June 6, 2023.

A recommendation will be made at the June 5th Board meeting regarding which elementary and middle schools will accept tuition for the 2023-2024 school year. Once the in-zone transfer open enrollment window closes and transfer placements are approved, we will once again review numbers in grades K-8 to determine space available for accepting tuition students for the 2023-2024 school year in elementary and middle schools. Applications for those schools will open on June 6, 2023.



The following information is only applicable to children of employees of Johnson City Schools

If the new tuition student is the child of an employee within the school system, the new tuition student may attend the school in which the parent is an employee (TCA 49-6-3113).

If the parent teaches at Indian Trail, the new elementary student will attend Fairmont Elementary, which is a feeder school for Indian Trail Middle School.

If the parent teaches at Liberty Bell Middle School, the new elementary student will attend Woodland Elementary, which is a feeder to Liberty Bell Middle School.

If the parent teaches at Science Hill High School, the new tuition student will attend either Fairmont Elementary, Woodland Elementary, Indian Trail Middle School or Liberty Bell Middle School depending on class sizes and student enrollment numbers.





City of Johnson City and Johnson City Schools' employees may begin applying for tuition on May 1, 2023 by contacting Danise Slayton at SlaytonD@jcschools.org. You can contact Danise Slayton (423-434-5219) or Tammy Pearce (423-434-5585) by phone if you have any questions. You must have a valid city or school e-mail to receive the link for registration. Please allow time for the processing of requests.





Tuition Rates (Outside of City Limits)


Inside Washington, Sullivan, or Carter Counties     

All other counties within Tennessee  


*Annual Rate - $1,200.00

*Annual Rate - $1,700.00  


*Quarterly Rate - $300.00

*Quarterly Rate - $425.00  



*The rates were changed during May 2, 2022, Johnson City Board of Education Meeting.


Space availability for transfer and tuition students is determined by the following priorities:

1st priority - In-zone students; 2nd priority - Transfer students already enrolled & in good standing; 3rd priority - Siblings of enrolled transfer students; 4th priority - New transfer students; 5th priority - Tuition students already enrolled in good standing; and 6th priority - New tuition students (includes siblings of present students)

Tuition payments are to be made to Johnson City Schools in the Finance Department at the Columbus Powell Service Center. Current method of payment includes cash, check, or credit card via the Revtrak link on our website at www.jcschools.org. A 3.6129% service fee is added to credit card payments.

For your convenience, first days of quarters are listed here.  Tuition is due and payable on the first day of each school quarter.  An additional fee of $25.00 may be charged for late payments. Failure to comply with policy will result in dismissal of the student from school.  


For Out-of-State tuition rates please call the district tuition office (423) 434-5219.

Last Updated: April 19, 2023