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Callie Redd

Callie Redd graduated from Langston High School in 1955.  She went on to serve as a teacher in Johnson City Schools for almost four decades. Mrs. Redd graduated from Langston High School at the age of 16 and was named Salutatorian in 1955.  She was awarded two scholarships (Class standing and band), which she used to obtain her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education with a major in English from Knoxville College.

In 1959, at the age of 21, she began her long teaching career at Langston High School as chairman of the English Department.  She taught 10th through 12th-grade English, and French I and II.  For the Annual Senior Spring trip, she took the 1964 and 1965 classes to Washington D.C. and New York, which included a stop by the World’s Fair.

When the schools were integrated she was transferred to North Junior High School where she was a floater for all of her classes.  While at North Junior High, Callie received her M.A. in English (1972) and subsequently, completed 45 post-graduate credit hours in English at ETSU. Later, she was one of the original group of teachers and staff to be transferred to the newly built Liberty Bell-Constitution Hall Middle School. In 1983, Callie was transferred to Science Hill High School.  In June 1998, Callie retired after 36 years of teaching in Johnson City Schools. She was remembered as a ‘strict but caring teacher and friend.’ Callie was inducted into the SHHS Sports Hall of Fame in 2008 and inducted into the Carver Recreation Center’s Wall of Fame in 2017.