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George Biddle

After 43 years of service, the late George Biddle retired from Johnson City Schools on June 30, 1985, as the Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.  He was a part of the school system through nine superintendents, and he helped supervise the construction of six schools.

It was just after school dismissed in 1942 that the young Biddle went to Superintendent C. E. Rogers looking for a job.  The school system did not have a maintenance department at the time, so Mr. Biddle began working as a handy-man. All he had was a tool box with his own tools in the back of his car.  In 1951, Mr. Biddle started the maintenance program and hired the first person to help him. When Mr. Biddle retired in 1985, the school system had a first class maintenance department.  Mr. Biddle witnessed remarkable change and growth with the Johnson City School System. He also helped supervise the construction of Science Hill High School, Liberty Bell Middle School, the Science Hill Vocational-Technical School; Fairmont, Towne Acres and North Side Elementary Schools. Mr. Biddle had an immense pride for the Johnson City Schools, and it held a special place in George Biddle’s heart.  

George Biddle’s family would like to thank you for honoring his memory and for creating a legacy of his love and dedication to the Johnson City School System.