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Lorenzo Wyatt



Lorenzo Wyatt served as principal at North Side Elementary from 1975 until he retired in 1989. Before his time in Johnson City Schools, Wyatt was the principal at Slater, a school for Bristol's African-American students. The building was later turned into the Slater Community Center, where the auditorium bears Wyatt's name. Wyatt was a decorated World War II veteran, serving in the Philippine Islands and New Guinea as a First Sergeant, where he supervised and directed the efforts of 221 men. Upon his honorable discharge, he returned to Alabama A&M where he majored in secondary education and was elected student body president. Mr. Wyatt spent 14 influential years in Johnson City Schools and his memory is lasting over the accomplishments of our district. Even today, Mr. Wyatt is fondly recalled at North Side Elementary as the school has named a scholarship in his honor to be awarded to Science Hill students who started at North Side.