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Terrell Ponder

Terrell Ponder held multiple roles during his 38 years in Johnson City Schools. He started as a drafting teacher at Johnson City Junior High School in 1949. In between, he made stops as a teacher and coach at Science Hill, principal of Columbus Powell in 1953 and later the Supervisor of Elementary Education in 1958. Ponder was the Superintendent of Johnson City Schools from 1974-1978 and served as Director of Special Education, a program he started and was passionate about, from 1978 until he retired in 1987. During his career Mr. Ponder was also instrumental in initiating the kindergarten system in the Johnson City School System. In 1978, Mr. Ponder was named Director of Special Education, and in 1985 was awarded State Special Educator of the Year by the Effective Advocacy for Citizens with Handicaps group.  Ponder’s former colleague Dave Chupa noted in a letter of support that “it could arguably be said that there was no greater influence of education in Johnson City for four decades than Terrell Ponder.” More importantly, Ponder was a husband to Elizabeth and a father to his seven children, Jan, Mark, Brian, Cheryl, Keith, Chris and Terry.