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Johnson City Public Schools Foundation, Inc

The Johnson City Public Schools Foundation was chartered in 1989 to enrich public education in Johnson City.  The independent, community-based foundation was established specifically to fund innovative programs and activities not provided in the system’s operating budget to enhance learning experiences for students and teachers in the Johnson City School System.  As a non-profit organization, the Johnson City Public Schools Foundation works in partnership with the school system, to provide funds for projects, teacher grants, and manages donations for student scholarships.

Annual Fundraising Project


This year's Spell-A-Bration is set for Thursday, April 11, 2024!

Science Hill High School Gymnasium | 6 PM

Register your team today!

The Spell-A-Bration is a fun event held in April each year that raises funds for special projects, not funded by the regular school budget.  Remember the annual spelling bee when you were in school?  This event is less stressful than you remember, and much more fun with teams of 4 adults working together to correctly spell words on a white board.  Teams come up with creative names and costumes.  Your registration fee goes to a worthy cause, and you and your friends have a great evening of fun competition and laughter.

Spell-A-Bration Champions
Spell-A-Bration Fun
Spell-A-Bration Winners
Spell-A-Bration Prizes
Spell-A-Bration Winners
Spell-A-Bration Fun

JCPSF Funded Projects, Grants, and Scholarships

STEAM Bus 2018

My Grant Was Funded!

My Grant Was Funded!

2023 Board Members


Tembra Aldridge (President)

Bob Parker (President Elect)

Ed Basconi (Treasurer)

Lisa Smalling (Secretary)

Board Members

Gayle Hughes

Jackie Isbell

Lemy Hutson (Past President)

Kathy Calhoun

Mike Washington

Peggy Voitlein

Stephen Dixon

Anna Ingram

Edward Herbert

Steve Darden

Anne Littleford

Pat Counts

Joe Haas

Make a Donation

Make checks payable to: Johnson City Public Schools Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 1517 Johnson City, TN 37605.


If you need assistance, please contact

Last Updated: February 19, 2024