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Curriculum & Instruction

Academic Leadership Team

District Curriculum and Instruction Leadership Team

Dr. Robbie Anderson, Director of Accountability and School Improvement (Elementary)

Todd Barnett, Supervisor of Instruction and Middle Schools (Middle)

Dr. Julia Decker, Supervisor of CTE & Postsecondary Opportunities

Dr. Allecia Frizzell, Director of Special Education

Tammy Pearce, Supervisor of Attendance and Student Services

Dr. David Timbs, Supervisor of Secondary and Instructional Technology (High)

Dr. Roger Walk, Supervisor of Educator Evaluation, Assessment, and RTI


District Curriculum and Instruction Coaches


Barbara Sutton, SHHS Curriculum Coach


Fernando DeSousa-Pereira, ESL/Testing Department Assistant

Misty Shively, ESL Coach

Instructional Design

Tina Faust, Instructional Design Coach

K-12 Career 

Dr. Jill Winiger, K-12 Career Coach


Dr. Shelley Burton, Literacy Coach 

Dr. Lori Church, Literacy Coach

Amanda Fenner, Literacy Coach

Dr. Tiffany Hogan, Title I Literacy Coach 


Glenda Conner, Math Coach

Dr. Tiffany Hibbitts, Math Coach  

Erika Patterson, Math Coach


Dr. Allison Gardenhour, RTI Coach

Shannon Suttle, RTI Coach


Dr. Chris Bowen, STEM Instructional Coach

Dr. Nancy Miles, STEM Instructional Coach