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Nutritional and Allergy Information


Johnson City School Meals utilizes Nutrislice. Nutrislice is an online and convenient way to view your child’s school lunch menu that has intuitive features and engaging designs.

With Nutrislice you can:

  • View nutrition information and carb counts for each food
  • See images and descriptions of the foods served
  • Visit our site at

Special Diet Requests for Severe Food Allergy and Intolerances

Please remember that most meals served in Johnson City Schools have options and choices. Students are not required to take all items offered and may decline an item or choose an offered item without any special diet request. This is often the solution for students who do not drink milk.

A Special Diet Request form is only used if a parent requests consideration for a food item to be replaced or substituted or if the parents want the cafeteria to monitor specifically what is on a child’s tray due to a life-threatening allergy or severe intolerance. After it is completed by a licensed medical authority, it can be returned to the cafeteria manager at your child’s school.